Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's going to be a crazy 4 weeks

I'm going to quit my part time job for the next 4 weeks.Exam is coming.I have a big assignment,big test and presentation all in the same week,which is the week after next.

I can't believe I'm already in week 10 of my uni.....and you can say this week's over for me.I practically have 3 more weeks to prepare for my weeks....cause I shouldn't include the busy week I have next next week.I have 4 weeks left in my semester,then it's over.....OVER!!!Can you believe it?No I can't.

I really wonder why I always struggle to study after my part time work at night.Not that I didn't rest or sleep.Even after sleeping,I still feel tired to study many times.

I told one of my friends"It's funny that back in high school,I still could manage quite well with 11 subjects,going to school from monday to friday from 7am to 3pm.Now,I only have 3 subjects,3 days of class,and I'm struggling to cope with it."

Please don't get me wrong,I've done really well for my pass 2 assignments and I'm sure I've done well in my previous tests.Just that.....My spirit is always tired....always feel that I'm struggling to cope.

I love church.I love all the activities.I try to attend friday night church if I can,because the worship and message is just awesome.I try to make myself involved in most of the church activities,because I simply love it and also, it makes me de-stress.Church activities never seem to end keeps going on and on and on.....

My mondays and fridays are always gone because of part-time work.Friday night,I try to go to church.Every alternate wednesday night,I have life group(cell group) to attend. Church on sunday monings are definite.Church other activities are always on Saturdays.

Tuesday,I have class from 9.30am-8.30pm.It's a crazy day.Wednesday,I have a early class but just half day.Thursday,I have afternoon class till evening.

Don't forget,you don't have your parents with you.You need something,you need to go get it yourself.You need to do your little own shopping at times.All these take up precious time!

Think of it,do I really have much free time?People say Adelaide is boring.I am so busy I have no time to feel bored here.

I wish I have more time.30 hours a day?That would be great!

I have to spare time for 3 groups of friends,which is uni,hostel and church friends.Not to forget my family.There's just too many to do.Sometimes,I just don't feel like working anymore.

To be honest,I have lots to catch up with my studies.Weeks just pass by so fast that you don't even realise it.You are so busy and tired and all a sudden,you realised your semester is ending and exam is just round the corner.And.....the last thing you would wanna realise is that you have so much to catch up in your studies!!!!

I have to start working on my studies.....NOW.