Sunday, August 29, 2010

Survived 2 killer weeks.

Thank God I'm still alive and able to sit down here and blog. The past 2 weeks have been absolute madness, with a total of 7 quizzes and 3 assignments due. Don't forget I have church commitments as well....and part-time job?Yes...I've got a new job if you didn't know!

That is my work place.Haha....Started work 2 weeks ago and it was alright. Just can be very tiring because there's always alot of people everyday. I work twice a week so ya, I have been really busy with work and all. But each time I think of the free food I get to eat after work, I'll forget all my misery! Roasted pork rice, roasted duck noodles, char koay teow, hokkien mee etc....what more can you ask when u're here in Australia?

This semester is the craziest semester in my uni life. I have weekly quizzes every Tuesday and Friday for Marketting and Management respectively. And with Japanese getting really hard with all the new vocabs and grammar, I have to cope with these 3 subjects that will have final exams by the end of the sem. The last subject is Language Diversity, boy do I love that subject!
It's about learning how languages evolve, language families, debates about languages and dialect etc.

For example, Malay and Indonesian are known as 2 seperate languages, although it's pretty close. A Malaysian and an Indonesian can speak Malay and Indonesian respectively to each other and yet, they can communicate or roughly understand each other. On the other hand, Cantonese and Hokkien are known as dialects although reality,they are quite far from each other. A Hokkien speaker will have no idea what a Cantonese speaker is talking about, no matter how slow he/she speaks. Don't believe me? Just grab my siblings or any Penangites that only speaks Hokkien, speak Cantonese to them and see if they know what you're talking about!

So these are the 4 subjects I'm doing this sem! Hmm...what else? Ya, I really enjoyed my time in Melbourne during the holidays!Ate like a pig,met up with so many friends, went for sight seeing was just awesome!

My first meal in Melbourne....Wantan Mee!

Melbourne State Library at night...beautiful!

Managed to meet up with Yong Chin again, after 1.5 years of not seeing each other! The last time we met was on the last day of college.

Yummy Korean bibimbab......

Managed to meet up with Nigel, Liwen and her cousin as well!We had an awesome time together!It was St. Kilda beach btw....

The most expensive desert I've tasted in my life. It was 27AUD. Oh well, I was on that's alright! *ouch*

The beautiful night scenary in Mebourne....

Met up with Jennifer!Stayed at her place.....

This was me with Jennifer's husband, Kenneth and his friend, Meng. Was at Mount Gambier, and it was FREEZING that time!

Max Brener...YUM.

Lots and lots of other pictures.Please go to my Facebook profile if you want to see more of my Melbourne pictures!

Hmm....What else? Oh yes!I wanna thank God for blessing me with good grades last semester! I did really well last sem, managed to get 2 HDs and 1 D, although I was also quite dissappointed to get a C. It was my first time getting HDs in Uni, so was really happy with it. I hope I'll be able to maintain and improve further more this semester!

I hope I'll be updating my blog more regularly than this. Darn, before I notice it, it has been 3 months since I last updated my blog. Time really flies!