Sunday, August 29, 2010

Survived 2 killer weeks.

Thank God I'm still alive and able to sit down here and blog. The past 2 weeks have been absolute madness, with a total of 7 quizzes and 3 assignments due. Don't forget I have church commitments as well....and part-time job?Yes...I've got a new job if you didn't know!

That is my work place.Haha....Started work 2 weeks ago and it was alright. Just can be very tiring because there's always alot of people everyday. I work twice a week so ya, I have been really busy with work and all. But each time I think of the free food I get to eat after work, I'll forget all my misery! Roasted pork rice, roasted duck noodles, char koay teow, hokkien mee etc....what more can you ask when u're here in Australia?

This semester is the craziest semester in my uni life. I have weekly quizzes every Tuesday and Friday for Marketting and Management respectively. And with Japanese getting really hard with all the new vocabs and grammar, I have to cope with these 3 subjects that will have final exams by the end of the sem. The last subject is Language Diversity, boy do I love that subject!
It's about learning how languages evolve, language families, debates about languages and dialect etc.

For example, Malay and Indonesian are known as 2 seperate languages, although it's pretty close. A Malaysian and an Indonesian can speak Malay and Indonesian respectively to each other and yet, they can communicate or roughly understand each other. On the other hand, Cantonese and Hokkien are known as dialects although reality,they are quite far from each other. A Hokkien speaker will have no idea what a Cantonese speaker is talking about, no matter how slow he/she speaks. Don't believe me? Just grab my siblings or any Penangites that only speaks Hokkien, speak Cantonese to them and see if they know what you're talking about!

So these are the 4 subjects I'm doing this sem! Hmm...what else? Ya, I really enjoyed my time in Melbourne during the holidays!Ate like a pig,met up with so many friends, went for sight seeing was just awesome!

My first meal in Melbourne....Wantan Mee!

Melbourne State Library at night...beautiful!

Managed to meet up with Yong Chin again, after 1.5 years of not seeing each other! The last time we met was on the last day of college.

Yummy Korean bibimbab......

Managed to meet up with Nigel, Liwen and her cousin as well!We had an awesome time together!It was St. Kilda beach btw....

The most expensive desert I've tasted in my life. It was 27AUD. Oh well, I was on that's alright! *ouch*

The beautiful night scenary in Mebourne....

Met up with Jennifer!Stayed at her place.....

This was me with Jennifer's husband, Kenneth and his friend, Meng. Was at Mount Gambier, and it was FREEZING that time!

Max Brener...YUM.

Lots and lots of other pictures.Please go to my Facebook profile if you want to see more of my Melbourne pictures!

Hmm....What else? Oh yes!I wanna thank God for blessing me with good grades last semester! I did really well last sem, managed to get 2 HDs and 1 D, although I was also quite dissappointed to get a C. It was my first time getting HDs in Uni, so was really happy with it. I hope I'll be able to maintain and improve further more this semester!

I hope I'll be updating my blog more regularly than this. Darn, before I notice it, it has been 3 months since I last updated my blog. Time really flies!

Friday, May 28, 2010

28th of November is THE DATE to remember!

Yes it is. Why?

Because I'll be coming back home on that day. This time, I'll be back for 3 months. Will only be flying off on the 26th of Feb 2011.

Penang.....My hometown!!!

Oh boy,I just can't wait that day!Think of the time I'll be reunited with my family, friends and dog,think of the food I'll be eating, think of my lovely Penang, think of.....Malaysia? Do I think of Malaysia?


Malaysia.....the country that made me who I am today.

I love my country and I'm proud to be a Malaysian. Not in a boastful way, but more of an appreciation of where I belong.

Seriously, u will never appreciate something so much until u don't have it anymore. Just like I start to appreciate home more when I am away from home. Similarly, I start to appreciate Malaysia when I am away from Malaysia.

All I can say is no country is perfect. Every country has its own problems, every country has its own bad points. Even here in Australia. I can honestly say there are certain things here that I disagree and dislike. Similarly, there are things that I disagree and dislike about Malaysia.

But,I can conclude that Malaysia isn't the worst place to live. Yes, Malaysia is not a 1st world country,lots of political dramas going on and there are plenty of areas that Malaysia needs to improve on. But, there are also reasons for Malaysians to be proud of.

For example:
  • Most Malaysians can speak at least 3 languages. English and Malay is certain, plus at least a chinese/indian/local dialect. There are no other nationalities that can do that.
  • Apart from Malays, Malaysians are the only people in the world that do not use their national language to communicate.
  • 24 hrs Mamak stalls, hawker stalls everywhere which opens from morining till night, cheap good food, shopping centres are open during weekends and public holidays.....What more can u ask for? U don't get it in western countries. NO WAY.
We should always be thankful and proud of where we come from. If you're not Malaysian, u should be proud of your country too!

Be thankful, and be proud! =)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Culture Shock.

3 days ago, I went to Woolworths(supermarket) with my housemate to buy some stuff. Since there was no one in the house, she brought her dog along and left in the car while we went shopping. Well, we weren't really shopping actually....just having a quick shop on some food that were on sale. When we came back to the car, we saw this......

A little piece of paper on the car screen.

Wanna have a look at the paper?

Someone wrote this to us.

Tell me, where can u experience this in Malaysia? LOL.

Drivers in Malaysia are reckless enough, we wouldn't really care if a dog is in the car or not. As long as the driver park his car properly, put his signal while turning, we're more than happy.

Different culture eh? People here are super animal lovers, and everyhing here has rights.Human rights,children rights,animal DON'T PLAY PLAY!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Winter is coming. OH NOOO!!!!!

The days have been getting colder. Rainy, gloomy. Sunset is getting earlier and earlier. Now at 6pm, u can't see the sun anymore and u already feel so......sad? Not really sad, but that kind of winter feeling.

The hot water is not working well in my house. Has called the plumber countless of times to fix it. Still, it seems like the water is just in winter mood as well. Have been a few times that I showered cold water. Terrible!!!

It's 1 month's time to winter and I'm just not looking forward to it.

So why do some people like winter so much?

Don't ask me. I have no idea. Seriously, there's nothing to look forward to in winter, especially in Adelaide where there is no snow. HOW BORING. You can't go out, u can't play sports, u can't go to the beach, u can't do anything!!!

Except for eating like a pig, sleeping like a pig and....Oh ya!!!ROMANCING.....*Ulala*.....

I think winter is a romantic season as people always fall in love during the winter season for some reasons. Some say that because it's a cold weather, people find love to "warm" themselves? Haha.....

Think about all the romantic movies and dramas, it's kinda true. Most of them are related to winter season/ cold weather. Think of movies such as Titanic, cartoons such as Beauty And The Beast and Anastasia, all those Korean Dramas......It's funny isn't it?

Nah.....Romance is not for me yet. I'm enjoying my singlehood and loving it. It's a blessing to be single now because I know in a few years time, I will not be able to enjoy that "singlehood" lifestyle anymore for the rest of my life. Of course, there's always a possibility because life is so unpredictable, but let's just assume things go according to plan. So.....I wanna enjoy them while I still can!!!=D

Wait.Why did I suddenly talk about this? Nevermind.

Planning to travel to Melbourne and Sydney this coming July. Not sure yet, but just feel like visiting other states of Aussie. Will keep u guys updated when I have decided.

Cheers peeps!=)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Time simply fly too fast,isn't it?

Last week,I attended a very good friend's graduation.Her name is Erica.She's from Hong Kong and she speaks exactly like a Malaysian!!!(Oh trust me,u wouldn't know that she's from Hong Kong until she tells u that.Her Malaysian accent is just unblievable!)Well,she left for Sydney this year and she's working there now as a dentist.She's from the same church as me and the same Life Group(or u call it Cell Group back home) as well.A faithful servant of God, with wonderful personality.We truly did miss her presence here in Adelaide.It was great to see her again during her graduation!

Well,I just felt something when I was at the graduation.Like......u see so many happy faces,joyful parents and family members, all celebrating with the graduates,it just reminded me that there will come a day when I will experience it too with my family and friends celebrating with me. Gosh!!!!2 more years.....2 MORE YEARS and I'll be graduating!!!That's the exciting part,but that is quite a worrying part as well because it means ur student life is officially over and u'll be a working adult from that day on until u retire.Scary isn't it?

Back in those days,I just wished that time would pass faster.I still remember that I always complain why time passes by so slow during my primary school years.Can't wait to grow up, can't wait to be independant,can't wait to be free from parent's control.Now,I just wished that 1 day has 48 hours instead of 24 hours.Sometimes,I just wished that I can go back to those school days when there's absolutely nothing to worry about,except ur studies.(Technically speaking,my parents was the one that worry about my studies for me which means I had nothing to worry about!!!)U don't have to worry about the future.....standard 1 this year,means standard 2 next year.Form 1 this year,means form 2 next year.

Now,u gotta worry about career future,bills,rents,daily meals,studies,financial planning......Oh my goodness....So many things!I've learned that indeed, freedom comes with responsibility.We so called didn't had freedom from our parents last time,but think of it,it's because our parents had to carry all our responsibilities. Now we are independant,we are free from our parents' shell......but there's so much responsibility in return.I can't deny that I'm really enjoying the independance I'm having here in Australia,but I'm also learning that ADULTHOOD IS NOT EASY!!!!!

Now,I need to make another big decision that will have a big influence on my career future.I need to decide on what I wanna specialise on,something related to what I wanna do as my job next time.Yes,I'm majoring in Japanese and doing a linguistic course,but I still need to specialise on something,and it's a requirement of my course.I gotta think about whether I wanna work in Australia or plan to come back to Malaysia or other Asia countries in the future to work, because that will also play a big factor in my decision.I gotta come up with this decision in the next few weeks!

Oh ya!!!1 last thing.....I've said that I'll post up pictures of my new room,so here are the pics!!

I love my new room,my new house.It's much nicer that my previous accomodation.I'm blessed!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Challenging times.

To be honest,I've been really going through a tough time since coming back to Adelaide. Things were not like before anymore. Life was not so sweet and fun compared to the same time last year. It's been really a hard time for me.

I've been going through some personal problems and thus, the stress I'm going through is like crazy. This is the stormiest time I have gone through since coming to Australia, and perhaps one of the biggest challenges I'll ever face in life.

Since it's a personal problem,I shall keep it personal. But everyday, I have battles inside me regarding "doing something out of emotions VS doing something because it's right". Sometimes when u are angry,u just feel like doing something that u know u may regret later. Sometimes, u feel so fustrated that u feel like letting the whole world know what is actually going on,but yet at the same time,u know it's not the right thing to do.

My situation is so complicated, it's like a time bomb in a house.I need to difuse the bomb asap because it may explode,yet difusing the bomb is risky. All it takes is for me to cut 1 wrong wire and the whole house will be wipe out.

Crazy crazy crazy. All sorts of emotions running in me for the past few weeks.

But good news!Things have been getting better these few days and I'm sure things will be alright in the future. I've decided on certain things and have moved on with life. Time will heal I'm sure.

So, just wanna let u guys know of some changes I've had. I've moved to another place to stay since last week. My room is much nicer than the previous one, and I'm living with 4 church friends. Will post up some pictures in the next blog!

It's sad to know that sometimes life do not always give u what u want, or go according to ur plan. Life can be so unpredictable and anything unexpected can just happen. Honestly, I didn't expect myself to be staying at where I am now, and other things to turn out this way. But doesn't that makes life interesting?Life is truly an adventure.

I've also learn alot from this experience. Just wanna encourage u that if u are going through some tough time as well, stay positive! Just treat it as a learning experience so that u will be able to use the experience to tackle bigger problems in future.

For those who knows what I'm going through,please keep it to urself.

For the others, thanks for ur concern but just wanna let u that I'm fine.

For my bro and sis in Christ, please keep me in prayer.

Thanks and God bless!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adventure of 2010 begins!

Sorry guys!Thousand thousand appologies!

I know I've been guilty of not updating my blog for more than 2 months!Well,that's because I've been busy holiday-ing back home in Penang and of cos,now starting to get busy with uni life!

I won't be uploading the pictures here because there's just way too many to upload all of them throughout January and Febuary.If u wanna see them,please see them on my FB=)

Okay,just a quick summary of the main events from January till now:

  • Gave my family a surprise comeback on the 2/1/10.It was just an unforgettable experience of seeing the joy of my parents and sibling's face when they saw me.The next day,I went to church and gave everyone a surprise.Throughout the surprise,many people including my bro thought they saw a ghost when they saw me.It was good to be back home!
  • Went to Langkawi the following weekend with my family.Grandma and my big aunt followed as well.Had a fun time trying out different beers with my dad.Basically,it was just a great time eating and catching up with my family in Langkawi!
  • Busy catching up with friends...lots and lots of friends!Of course,I've also met some my college was a nice to see so many farmiliar faces again!

  • Went to Betong,Thailand for holidays!If u didn't know,Betong is where the communist settlement is.I went into the tunnels where the communist built it last time to hide, and explored many other interesting stuff.
  • Chinese New Year!Don't have to elaborate more,must I?Lol....Lots of food and money as usual,but it was more than that.It's all those wonderful moments with your family that matters!
  • Extracted my wisdom tooth 10 days before going back to Australia.It was a "fun" experience.Experiencing a few jabs the dentist give u on ur gums,cutting ur gums to make a hole and removing a big tooth that is rooted side ways below the gum level.Had ulcers on that wounded area after the operation.Terrible experience!
I really enjoyed those 2 montns back home.Family,friends,good food,......I really love home!

Currently,I'm in my 2nd week of uni.This sem is far more challenging than my previous sem,but at the same time far more interesting and fun!I'm enjoying my Japanese 1A class the most.....But yea,learning a language is NOT EASY.It takes alot of dedication and hard work to excel in a language.....Besides that,linguistic subjects are far more complicated than u know....So please,don't think my course is an easy course!!=)

Anyway before I sign out,let me show off my Japanese a little=P

My name is Jeshua.=わたしのなまえはジェシュアです。(watashi no namaewa Jeshua desu)

It can also be written similiarly with the same pronounsation and structure as 私の名前はジェシュアです。

That's the more advance style when u include Chinese words inside.

Ask me more if u're interested!Trust me,learning a new language is fun!

Alright,enough of the showing off.

I'll try my best to update my blog as often as I can!

おやすみなさい!(Good night!)
o ya su mi na sa i !