Friday, May 28, 2010

28th of November is THE DATE to remember!

Yes it is. Why?

Because I'll be coming back home on that day. This time, I'll be back for 3 months. Will only be flying off on the 26th of Feb 2011.

Penang.....My hometown!!!

Oh boy,I just can't wait that day!Think of the time I'll be reunited with my family, friends and dog,think of the food I'll be eating, think of my lovely Penang, think of.....Malaysia? Do I think of Malaysia?


Malaysia.....the country that made me who I am today.

I love my country and I'm proud to be a Malaysian. Not in a boastful way, but more of an appreciation of where I belong.

Seriously, u will never appreciate something so much until u don't have it anymore. Just like I start to appreciate home more when I am away from home. Similarly, I start to appreciate Malaysia when I am away from Malaysia.

All I can say is no country is perfect. Every country has its own problems, every country has its own bad points. Even here in Australia. I can honestly say there are certain things here that I disagree and dislike. Similarly, there are things that I disagree and dislike about Malaysia.

But,I can conclude that Malaysia isn't the worst place to live. Yes, Malaysia is not a 1st world country,lots of political dramas going on and there are plenty of areas that Malaysia needs to improve on. But, there are also reasons for Malaysians to be proud of.

For example:
  • Most Malaysians can speak at least 3 languages. English and Malay is certain, plus at least a chinese/indian/local dialect. There are no other nationalities that can do that.
  • Apart from Malays, Malaysians are the only people in the world that do not use their national language to communicate.
  • 24 hrs Mamak stalls, hawker stalls everywhere which opens from morining till night, cheap good food, shopping centres are open during weekends and public holidays.....What more can u ask for? U don't get it in western countries. NO WAY.
We should always be thankful and proud of where we come from. If you're not Malaysian, u should be proud of your country too!

Be thankful, and be proud! =)

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