Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm settling well in Adelaide....

First of all,I would like to thank all my family members and friends that came to send me off that day.There was just sooo many of them,more than I expected!Thanks Jenny,Madeline,Chia Chyn, Jo Ann and Marcus for the little gifts you guys gave me.....I really like them!To all the Khanz...thanks for coming....sorry didn't had much time to entertain you all that day....haha.....And also to Anne sis and Peter bro(they are my cousins),thanks for coming and the ang pau....I will surely do my best!To Uncle Colin,Uncle Jimmy and their respective family,really thanks for coming....U all gave me a real surprised when I saw you guys in the airport!And of course,to my other family members,thanks.*To all:Your presence that day really made my day and I'm really sooo blessed to have all of you.Thanks once again!*

Was in the plane for 6.5 hours from Singapore to Adelaide.My butt was so painful and because I couldn't sleep,I was really tired.But when the plane landed in Adelaide airport,excitement just exploded in me.

It was real advanture for me as I settled here alone(I flew alone,not even with any friends)

My hostel

My room

The stairs up to my room....

The path to my room...

Those 2 pics are scenaries from my window....

Adelaide city
Went to a lot of places....Even visited my own uni,uni South Australia and uni Adelaide....

The bus stop outside my hostel...

Look!!Piggy in the city!!.....ahhh....it's just a statue...=P

There are many stalls in the city that sells fresh salad,yogurt and fruits....they are very cheap there as the locals eat a lot of these....they sell yogurt like selling ice creams.....choose your flavor and they'll scoop it in a cup for u.....

My yogurt....it's 3.50$.....well....I ask for a small 1 but it's quite alot....yummy...

My Uni

Exam hall!!Scary....

Look carefully.....spotted anything?no?

Allowed to bring drinks and snacks into the exam hall during exams!!!(This is the 1st time in my life that I heard of this kind of exam rules)

U see these paintings hanging in the uni wall.....

I won't be blogging so often from now on as I'm starting uni tmr onwards and internet connection here is horrible.....So.....yeap...that's about it.Cheers.

Friday, February 20, 2009

All set for a new advanture!!!

People have been asking me how's my year so far and I always reply them that I haven't begin year 2009.That's because for the past 3 months,I've been doing absolutely nothing.....except for being busy with uni stuff.Apart from that,it was paradise all the way.(If you have read my previous blog,u'll know)

I'm about to kick start my year.Tomorrow,I'll be leaving my beloved family,friends and Penang for Adelaide.It's gonna be a real new advanture for me,going to a new place,new environment.To be honest, I kinda miss studying now.....I can't wait!

I know going there will not be easy.Father said I need to work part time to help reduce the financial burden on him because in 2 years time,my brother will be going to uni too.I don't know how am I gonna do it,whether I can cope with my studies or not is another question.I'm really out of my comfort zone when I'm there.

I'm excited.I'm nervous.I can't wait to go there yet,I don't wanna be out of my comfort zone so soon.I'm having mix feelings and emotions at the moment.

I'll definitely miss:
  1. My family
  2. My friends
  3. My electric guitar
  4. My bed
  5. My room
  6. My dog(Jo Jo)
  7. 412 Unlimited
  8. My live football matches
  9. All sorts of malaysian chinese,malay and indian food
  10. My beloved Penang

For those who wants to keep me in prayer,these are my prayer request:
  1. Have a safe journey there
  2. I'll be able to adjust to my new surroundings
  3. Good friends that will keep my fire burning for God
  4. A good church
  5. Most importantly,that my walk with God will be even closer than ever so that I will not fall into temptations and do things that will disappoint Him!

I'll upload any pics asap when I'm there.So....stay tune!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Packing is SCARY

I'm not supposed to blog now......but I'm doing it.I'm supposed to pack now.......but I'm not doing it.

It's already tuesday,I'm leaving this saturday.....Why am I not packing yet?

I realised that packing for travelling and packing for overseas study are completely 2 different things.

Packing to go overseas study is SCARY.....Imagine if you forget to bring something important,THAT'S IT!......until the next time you come back home.(most likely next year)

When I opened my travelling luggage,I feel completely lost.I don't know where to start,how to start.So many things to bring,so little space.

My room is in a mess.

Mother is still the best person on earth!She has offered to help me....yay=)

I MUST start packing today.I have only 4 days left.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My days so far....

Since I've came back from Singapore,I've been quite busy....sending friends off,saying bye bye to lecturers,meeting up with friends for the last time....etc...etc....

My hamid khan friends gave me a little farewell in coffee island....

All the Ex-Khanz....

Went to disted to say bye bye to my lecturers,together with Marian,Lye Boon and Nigel...

We took pic with Dr Teo,our chem lecturer....

The 4 of us...

Went to Khoo Kongsi to snap some pics with Melissa and Edmund(I grew up with them in church).....

Here we are!!!


Buddies for life=)

Not to forget.....Me and Edmund had our last pic with Abigail in the airport b4 she left..*sob sob*

We'll miss ya....All the best in Brisbane=)

I better start packing now.....I should go!