Friday, February 20, 2009

All set for a new advanture!!!

People have been asking me how's my year so far and I always reply them that I haven't begin year 2009.That's because for the past 3 months,I've been doing absolutely nothing.....except for being busy with uni stuff.Apart from that,it was paradise all the way.(If you have read my previous blog,u'll know)

I'm about to kick start my year.Tomorrow,I'll be leaving my beloved family,friends and Penang for Adelaide.It's gonna be a real new advanture for me,going to a new place,new environment.To be honest, I kinda miss studying now.....I can't wait!

I know going there will not be easy.Father said I need to work part time to help reduce the financial burden on him because in 2 years time,my brother will be going to uni too.I don't know how am I gonna do it,whether I can cope with my studies or not is another question.I'm really out of my comfort zone when I'm there.

I'm excited.I'm nervous.I can't wait to go there yet,I don't wanna be out of my comfort zone so soon.I'm having mix feelings and emotions at the moment.

I'll definitely miss:
  1. My family
  2. My friends
  3. My electric guitar
  4. My bed
  5. My room
  6. My dog(Jo Jo)
  7. 412 Unlimited
  8. My live football matches
  9. All sorts of malaysian chinese,malay and indian food
  10. My beloved Penang

For those who wants to keep me in prayer,these are my prayer request:
  1. Have a safe journey there
  2. I'll be able to adjust to my new surroundings
  3. Good friends that will keep my fire burning for God
  4. A good church
  5. Most importantly,that my walk with God will be even closer than ever so that I will not fall into temptations and do things that will disappoint Him!

I'll upload any pics asap when I'm there.So....stay tune!

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