Sunday, January 20, 2013

A revelation of hope

Hey guys! How's 2013 been so far? :)

For me, it has been a horror start.

For the past 2 weeks, I have been struggling with school. Why? Because:

-I have lots of homework and test EVERYDAY.*Exam is a seperate thing*
-Passing mark for test is 80%. 80%!!!!!o.O *if fail, u resit the paper till u pass*
-Have to do corrections, again and again until u get it right. *Not writing the right answer only, but rewrite the whole sentence again*
-I leave the house every morning at 7.15am and get back home earliest by 6.30pm. *that's if public transport is on time and I walk really fast*
-My school is very primary school setting *Eg. no drinking water in class, u have to greet the teacher before every lesson and before she leaves the classroom, teachers fuss over ur handwriting etc*

I can go on and on....

So honestly, I felt like giving up and quiting for the past 2 weeks. Before that, I was so excited about a new life here in KL, continue studying the language I love, and about what God has install for me.

But just after the 1st day of school, I felt like quitting and going back to Penang. This was not the kind of life I expected here. I started to doubt whether I made the right choice to come here. I whine to God everyday about how suffering my life is. It was a stormy 2 weeks.

Yet, God constantly reminded me with these verses:

"My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness" - 12 Corinthians 4:9

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" -Philippians 4:13

And last Wednesday, I actually went to the reception to tell them about my struggles in class and also about me considering to change to the beginner's class. *I couldn't tahan d* Yet, my form teacher said no, that I'm in the right class and that I would be able to cope. Even the principal came to encourage me, saying that it's normal to struggle in the beginning because I'm jumping class, and I'm still not used to the learning method here. They told me I would take roughly 3-4 months to adapt to the same level as my classmates. They asked me not to give up or stress, but just make sure I give my best. My teachers believed in me and that gave me back my confidence.

I immediately knew God was behind the scene. He was actually speaking through my teachers, assuring me that coming to KL, to this school was not a mistake. He is with me, and that He has sent me supportive teachers and classmates.

And in today's service, I felt God speaking to me again. The message was about hope, that we should rejoice in Him always (good and bad times), because of the hope we have in Him. He reminded me about the prophecy He gave me through Pr Sam and Pr Sandra about God will fill me up this year.

Yes now it make sense....Just as Pr Sam preached "as the demand increases, the supply also increases."

I suddenly felt a huge burden lifted off me, and also His peace filling my heart. He said very clearly to me today " I know ur current struggles. And because u can't do it with ur own strength, u are going to witness My grace and power working in and through u. U will learn to rest in me." All that I've learned for the past 4 months through Pr Sam's preaching, I think God is teaching me to put it into practice this year.

Now, I feel refreshed, recharged and excited about what lies ahead. No more fear or anxiety, because victory is on my side.

*Tests, exams and homework, I'm going to take u down!*