Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ice skating was awesome!!

Last Saturday,I went ice skating with my friends.It was awesome....AWESOME!I was really excited for it because the last time I ice skated was back in 2006 in Jakarta.Too bad Penang doesn't have one again.The one in queensbay is a joke.

I had a few falls...I must admit.....but that's because I was trying to learn a few new tricks.Now can d....aiseh=P

We skated for 3 hours.....skate until our legs wanna break!But overall,it was very satisfying for me as ice skating is one of my favourite sports!!

Not many pictures of me though cos I was basically taking pictures.Was pretty scary skating and taking pictures at the same time....but it was okay.

Mika,Van,Sayo and Aoi at the back(woops she closed her eyes!)

Me and this orang Iban,Ray.....

Mika and me....

Jo Ko(Indonesian chinese) at the left.....He's also new to Adelaide and my new classmate!!

I really had fun......Woooooo!!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

My uni life begins next week!!

Okay,I'm finally gonna kick start my university life next week!I'm starting a new course and.....I'm going to a diff uni campus from the previous campus.

Its........MAGILL CAMPUS!!!!

It's uniSA's most beautiful campus of all the other campuses.

There's even a river there!!

Beautiful campus isn't it?

Magill campus really is REALLY A CAMPUS.Unlike those city campuses....it's just a building...like a shopping complex=P

I'm really looking forward studying there together with my new course.

I owe it to myself and my parents to do well.

I will give my best.