Friday, July 10, 2009

My uni life begins next week!!

Okay,I'm finally gonna kick start my university life next week!I'm starting a new course and.....I'm going to a diff uni campus from the previous campus.

Its........MAGILL CAMPUS!!!!

It's uniSA's most beautiful campus of all the other campuses.

There's even a river there!!

Beautiful campus isn't it?

Magill campus really is REALLY A CAMPUS.Unlike those city's just a a shopping complex=P

I'm really looking forward studying there together with my new course.

I owe it to myself and my parents to do well.

I will give my best.


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  1. hey jeshua, read from ur previous post that you are changing course..i was kinda shocked at 1st..haha..but i really salute you for having the courage to do it and most importantly you do what you like doing le..anyway, just wanna wish you all the best in your new course..God bless you!!