Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Aoi, and welcome to Adelaide!

Last Wednesday,we celebrated a new friend's birthday.Her name is Aoi.She's from Japan.It's her 20th birthday!She just arrived in Adelaide 3 days before her birthday.

Yup.She's Aoi,the birthday girl!

We planned a surprised party.We knew she would be shocked because I don't think anyone will expect their birthday to be celebrated when they just arrived in a new country 3 days ago.

So we bought the cake and everything was ready.All my friends hide at the staircase near my room behind the door while I was assigned to call her.

Guess what?I lied to her,asking her to my room to teach me japanese.So she believed and came to my room. In my head,I was thinking "How am I gonna bring her to the staircase??".

I came up with one extremely lame but useful joke.I told her "Hey....I saw a flower that grew on the wall at that staircase...come!Follow me!I'll show u where it is!"

Surprisingly,she also believed me again and followed me to the staircase!I wanted to laugh out,but I couldn't.I can't believe I made such a lame joke.

Anyway,we had a lot fun together!Enjoy the pics!

At the staircase area


She blew and cut her cake.....

After that,we party in my room

The beautiful yummy cake.....

2 rock stars of the night(just tunjuk-ing......haha)

The other 2 japanese girls......joyful and being happy=)

Susan is like a little kittie can't wait to makan that deliscious cake!

Darren,Van and Susan again.....enjoying themselves=)

This is another rat in the room!

We guys had our own crazy poses with the birthday girl!

Group picture!

Crazy picture!!

It was a day to remember=]

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