Monday, December 5, 2011

I've just experienced another miracle.

So....I went through a period of time where I lost the semangat to blog again. And now I look back, wow 4 months have passed! Semester is over, waiting for results which will be out this Sat. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, the story of today is quite extra ordinary. See....I've been trying to sell my stuff these few days, and my car is 1 of them. So like how I advertised the other stuff, I posted pictures and info of my car on Gumtree last week. Mysteriously, I received an sms from a guys saying he was willing to pay me 700AUD more than the original price I offered (which was 1300$). I felt suspicious initially but I decided to give it a try so I contacted him.

 My car which I am trying to sell....

Cut the whole story short, I received an invoice from Paypal saying he has paid 2600$ to my account, but I'll need to first pay his agent 600$ for the pick up fee because he would not be able to personally come and pick it up. Not suspecting anything, I did it through western union. Somehow, the transaction was declined for some strange reason. Still not suspecting that it was a scam, I went to the post office to make the payment. However, there was not enough money in my account to pay him because my money which was declined haven't bounced back to me. So I thought I would wait till Monday(today) to make the payment.

Last night, my previous lifegroup leader warned me not to make the payment because she said it was a scam! She said her friend and herself have experienced this before and it's fake! I nearly dropped dead when I heard it, fearing that it's too late and the money had gone to him. Today, I checked my account and saw that the money did bounced back to me and the transaction really did not go through. I was overjoyed!

Truly, it is a miracle. Somehow, the money miraculously did not go through for some reason. It was God that intervened. THANK YOU JESUS!

"The LORD will keep you from all harm, He will watch over your life"-Psalm 121:7