Tuesday, May 31, 2011

EPL v LaLiga

First of all, congrats to Barcelona for their win against Manchester United. They were superb and simply the best.

Now, to share some pictures of me and my friends during the game.

I left the house at 2am, went to pick Keat Xiong went straight to the pub to catch the game. The games was at 4.15am and we were all at the city...watching football!!!! That shows how crazy we are. When you are in love and passionate about something (including a person), you seriously can do anything for it! *C'mon, I know you get what I mean =P*

The pub was fully packed, and the atmosphere was fantastic. That's what I love about atmospheres. When a bunch of passionate people gather together to create a red hot atmosphere, be it in football or in church or anything else, it's always special and I love it, I enjoy it.

Ok now for more football talk. *Warning to those non-football fans*

The big debate since the game: Is EPL or LaLiga better?

As much as I love watching EPL, I gotta admit that Laliga has definitely overtaken the EPL. If Laliga can produce teams like Barca and Real Madrid, it definitely tells you something. And statistics also show that LaLiga always produce more players that wins World Player of the Year award than EPL. Statistics do not lie. Everyone saw how the champions of Spain made the champions of England look like a small kid that night.

People keep saying LaLiga is not the best because it's only a 2 team league while the rest are rubbish teams. Kinda disagree. I remember Sevilla and Atletico Madrid beating Arsenal and Liverpool respectively in the Champions League a few years ago. Man Utd have never beaten teams like Villarreal and Valencia for the past 10 years except for this year (MU won 1-0 at Valencia with a late goal). It's arguably true that teams in EPL may be stronger than LaLiga teams when it comes to the bottom half table, but I think that's because they are physically stronger and faster in speed (nature of EPL). But when it comes to skills and ball control, LaLiga teams are definitely better. And don't we football fans want to see the best football? EPL is definitely more competitive among the teams which makes it such an exciting league to watch. But quality? It's gotta be LaLiga.

EPL is just overly hyped and commercialized sometimes. Sadly,the most exciting league may not be the best league.

The Champions League final also sums up why England will never win the World Cup.

Man how I love football. Let's keep the passion going for the beautiful game!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Sorry for those who are not interested in football, but this post is will be all about the up coming Champions League final game: Bacelona v Manchester United.

Man Utd will start as underdogs, but who cares? It's gonna be 90min (or more) of pure entertaining football between the champions of England and Spain. It doesn't get bigger than this!

Well, I don't deny that it's tough luck against Barcelona, perhaps best team in the world currently. Their football has been breath taking with beautiful first touches and flicks, free flowing in attack and of course scoring plenty of goals too.

But 1 thing I have learned in life through sports: Have faith. Never give up till it's over. U'll never know what can happen. If you don't believe, it will never happen. So.....



Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's not a business deal relationship!

I have been thinking whether to pause my work since exam is just 1 month away. I decided to do so last night and today during work, I wanted to tell my boss.

Since the shop was busy as always, she told me to just write down the dates I was not available since she would be leaving early. She said "Just write down the dates. Don't worry. Studies come first and exam is important." 

So after my shift, I took out my study plan and carefully jotted down each date. In the end, I realized I actually requested 5 weeks of leave, which means 10 shifts in total, from the beginning of next week right until end of June. I actually still can afford to work in week 3 and 4 (of the 5 weeks leave) because I have nothing except for studying to do. Class is over by then. But I just wrote it down anyway because I wanted to focus fully on exams.

However at the same time, I kinda felt bad for my boss because I realized many of my workmates will leave the job around the same time too because of exams, placements or other reasons. I know she will struggle to find people to fill the void during that period of time.

Anyway, I just went on to attend class after work. But that thought was constantly on my mind. When on the bus back home,I actually felt strongly I should help her.

Afterall, she has been reasonable all these while and has treated me well. I remember last year when I suddenly told her I needed to quit the job because of some unforeseen circumstances regarding my house contract. She was understanding and did not grumble which many other boss might have done so. She gave me the job again instantly when I went to see her this year after coming back from Malaysia.

So I decided to give her a call when I got home. When I called her, she said she saw my note and is fine with it. I told her "Well I actually feel bad for asking such a long break. I know you will struggle to find people to help you during this period because everyone is having exam! Everyone is leaving at the same timing. So if you need me to work on week 3 and 4 (of the 5 weeks leave), just give me a call. I can work for you because I do not have class, or exam during those weeks. It's just a revision break." 
She was overjoyed and she actually thanked me for that!

Well, I felt good that I've made my boss happy today!  That is the least I could do to show my gratitude towards her.

I'm glad that my relationship with my boss is just not a business deal, where I work, she pays me and that's it. It's a good relationship where we help one another in times of need.

These are little things that makes life beautiful. :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 11 of Uni


Felt quite down actually when I saw my assignment result just now. Yes I admit I have been struggling with this course so far and did not expect to do too well in this assignment, but I did not expect to do that badly as well.

Well, it's over isn't it? Nothing I can do about it now. Just going through this period of disappointment but I know I WILL bounce back stronger.

Week 11. 3 more weeks of uni. Almost at the finishing line. I will fight on and persevere....

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Your vision is where your future is"

"Your vision is where your future is. When you have vision on the wrong things, the negatives of life, the problems, you live a defeated life, a life of darkness. But if you have vision on the right things, the Godly things, the positives of life, you live a victorious life, a Godly life."-Casey Treat

WOW! That was the highlight of the all the sermons I heard at Hillsong Conference yesterday.

From the very beginning, it was Eve who saw the forbidden fruit and it looked good in her eyes. We all know the story after that.

King David started of by seeing a woman bathing before it lead him to commit murder and adultery.

Abraham had the eyes of faith, and he went on to become the father of faith and many nations.

Seriously sometimes, its just what we choose to see and how we want to view life that makes a huge difference.

I choose to set my eyes on Him, and His promises. What about you? :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hillsong is coming to ADELAIDE!!WOOHOOO!!!!

Hillsong Conference // ONE DAY Adelaide from Hillsong Church on Vimeo.

I'll be going for a 1 day Hillsong Conference this Thursday! Yes, it's right here in Adelaide.

Darlene Zschech and band will be leading worship.


P.S: To those in Malaysia, don't be jealous k? *wink*

Friday, May 13, 2011


What are dreams to you? Have you ever wondered why you have dreams at night? Do dreams have any meaning?

I wonder. And till today, science cannot explain why humans dream at night.

Lately, I've had lots of weird dreams, dreams relating to my family and friends back home. And the worst part is, non of those dreams have been really comforting. Last night, I dream that my nephew and 1 of my very good friend died in a car crash. 2 nights ago, I dream that I had a big fight with my dad. A few days ago, I dream that my bro had cancer. A few weeks ago, I dream that my grandma passed away.

What's that all about??? I really wonder. The worst part is that in some of my dreams, I have a dream. It's so real that I can't differentiate whether I am dreaming or not when I first wake up from my sleep. And during those dreams, especially last night's dream and the dream regarding my bro, I was crying non stop. I realized it's because I love them so much and couldn't imagine losing them in such a tragedy.

Maybe I'm just homesick. Maybe God just wanted to remind me not to take my loved ones for granted. Whatever it is, I pray that those dreams would just remain as a dream.

Tell your loved ones how much you love and care for them today. Never take them for granted!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A special night with Reinhard Bonnke

Today, I had the privilege to hear from 1 of the greatest evangelist ever known, Reinhard Bonnke. He started his ministry in Africa and since then, God has just used him so powerfully. For the past 10 years, he has won over 55 million people for Christ. He holds a record of having 3 million + people attendance in 1 single meeting. Mind blowing!


In church when I was saw the video of his ministry, to see so many lives he has touched and impacted, and lead them to Christ, it just moved me to tears. How did he do that? What keeps him going in evangelizing? The answer is simple: Passion and compassion.

And I ask myself :"How can we even often doubt God for miracles? Isn't He the God of miracles? And isn't He, the same God that parted the red sea, the same God we worship today?" I have just witness someone who has done miracles after miracles through the power of God. 55million people saved in 10 years. Over a million people saved in 1 evening. If that's not miracle, than what else can it be?

And I also ask myself :"How can I sometimes lose passion in bringing people to Christ? Isn't that the great commission, the very thing Jesus asked us to do before He went back to heaven?" What other joy can replace the joy of having your loved ones saved?

We can continue to seek earthly treasures but the truth is, nothing on earth here is eternal. No matter how successful you are, your body will still end up in the grave 1 day and you can't bring your money, certs, possession with you to the next life.

I rather seek after eternal treasures, such as seeing lives changed forever. Where friendship and relationships will last forever, where life starts to become meaningful. And of course, knowing that there will be a happy ending to life.

I am fired up for Him again! We only have 1 life, 1 short life on earth to make a difference. The time is now.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Yes it is. It was only sleeping, not dead.

I don't know why but today, I just had the random urge to open my blog again to have a look. Realised that blogger already had other new features! Not only that, I realised that I've missed out so much on my friend's life.

I wanna continue to share my journey in life with all of you.

To those who have been following my blog, thank you for your patience. Your patience will soon be rewarded!

Stay tune peeps! :)