Friday, May 13, 2011


What are dreams to you? Have you ever wondered why you have dreams at night? Do dreams have any meaning?

I wonder. And till today, science cannot explain why humans dream at night.

Lately, I've had lots of weird dreams, dreams relating to my family and friends back home. And the worst part is, non of those dreams have been really comforting. Last night, I dream that my nephew and 1 of my very good friend died in a car crash. 2 nights ago, I dream that I had a big fight with my dad. A few days ago, I dream that my bro had cancer. A few weeks ago, I dream that my grandma passed away.

What's that all about??? I really wonder. The worst part is that in some of my dreams, I have a dream. It's so real that I can't differentiate whether I am dreaming or not when I first wake up from my sleep. And during those dreams, especially last night's dream and the dream regarding my bro, I was crying non stop. I realized it's because I love them so much and couldn't imagine losing them in such a tragedy.

Maybe I'm just homesick. Maybe God just wanted to remind me not to take my loved ones for granted. Whatever it is, I pray that those dreams would just remain as a dream.

Tell your loved ones how much you love and care for them today. Never take them for granted!