Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Your vision is where your future is"

"Your vision is where your future is. When you have vision on the wrong things, the negatives of life, the problems, you live a defeated life, a life of darkness. But if you have vision on the right things, the Godly things, the positives of life, you live a victorious life, a Godly life."-Casey Treat

WOW! That was the highlight of the all the sermons I heard at Hillsong Conference yesterday.

From the very beginning, it was Eve who saw the forbidden fruit and it looked good in her eyes. We all know the story after that.

King David started of by seeing a woman bathing before it lead him to commit murder and adultery.

Abraham had the eyes of faith, and he went on to become the father of faith and many nations.

Seriously sometimes, its just what we choose to see and how we want to view life that makes a huge difference.

I choose to set my eyes on Him, and His promises. What about you? :)

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