Tuesday, May 31, 2011

EPL v LaLiga

First of all, congrats to Barcelona for their win against Manchester United. They were superb and simply the best.

Now, to share some pictures of me and my friends during the game.

I left the house at 2am, went to pick Keat Xiong went straight to the pub to catch the game. The games was at 4.15am and we were all at the city...watching football!!!! That shows how crazy we are. When you are in love and passionate about something (including a person), you seriously can do anything for it! *C'mon, I know you get what I mean =P*

The pub was fully packed, and the atmosphere was fantastic. That's what I love about atmospheres. When a bunch of passionate people gather together to create a red hot atmosphere, be it in football or in church or anything else, it's always special and I love it, I enjoy it.

Ok now for more football talk. *Warning to those non-football fans*

The big debate since the game: Is EPL or LaLiga better?

As much as I love watching EPL, I gotta admit that Laliga has definitely overtaken the EPL. If Laliga can produce teams like Barca and Real Madrid, it definitely tells you something. And statistics also show that LaLiga always produce more players that wins World Player of the Year award than EPL. Statistics do not lie. Everyone saw how the champions of Spain made the champions of England look like a small kid that night.

People keep saying LaLiga is not the best because it's only a 2 team league while the rest are rubbish teams. Kinda disagree. I remember Sevilla and Atletico Madrid beating Arsenal and Liverpool respectively in the Champions League a few years ago. Man Utd have never beaten teams like Villarreal and Valencia for the past 10 years except for this year (MU won 1-0 at Valencia with a late goal). It's arguably true that teams in EPL may be stronger than LaLiga teams when it comes to the bottom half table, but I think that's because they are physically stronger and faster in speed (nature of EPL). But when it comes to skills and ball control, LaLiga teams are definitely better. And don't we football fans want to see the best football? EPL is definitely more competitive among the teams which makes it such an exciting league to watch. But quality? It's gotta be LaLiga.

EPL is just overly hyped and commercialized sometimes. Sadly,the most exciting league may not be the best league.

The Champions League final also sums up why England will never win the World Cup.

Man how I love football. Let's keep the passion going for the beautiful game!

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