Saturday, June 4, 2011

Zack's surprise birthday party.

I have been looking forward towards this party after going through some really crazy stressful weeks. I knew it would be a great time to chill out with friends and sure, it did not disappoint!!

This party was actually a surprise party for Zack, who celebrated his first birthday in Australia! Wanna know how he looks like?

Tada!!! This picture sums him up! Hahaha....

Well here are some of the pictures from the party!

I said "Amy! Amy!" because she was blocking the view of the food. She pulak smile at the camera. Lol...

We had a fun time playing cards together! Played "chor die di" which is also known as "Big 2" and bluff. During the chor die di game, Yean Yee started a rivalry with me. It all started with that kiasu/evil/sarcastic face which we were showing each other throughout the game. Haha....And I won twice! Once when she was playing with me and the rest. Woohooo....Sorry Yean Yee, u gotta try much harder next time! =P *Evil laugh*

No la, playing only! :D We are all good friends...see the lovely pictures above? All the leng chyes and leng luis!

Anyway, more pictures.....

Me and Keat Xiong during the game....

 The trio bros doing what they do best....

 And finally! 2 pictures of me and the birthday boy.


Ahh....feels less stress after tonight! And more to come....Karaoke this Sunday with Joyce, Jay Chou's wife (she claims she is lol), Yean Yee, Yuan Ren, Doreen and Timothy! Can't wait!

Wooohoooo :D

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