Thursday, June 23, 2011

1 bizzare injury

I just found out during the weekend that my bro fractured his wrist because of......FUTSAL! OH MY GOODNESS. Only God knows how did it happened!

My bro and my niece (My cousin's daughter. Preeetty right? DON'T DREAM. She's most probably too young for you, definitely too young for this! Lol :P)

My bro said that as he was trying to control the ball, he accidentally stepped on it and fall. That was how it happened. But still, to fracture a wrist because of soccer still baffles me. Everyone is amazed by how it happened.

In the hospital, the first thing he asked the doctor was "Will I still be able to go to the gym?". Lol...Not whether he can write or not, or whether he can drive. It's all about GYM!

VERY GOOD bro. Maybe God let this happen so that u will focus on Him more! Maybe gym has overtaken God as your 1st love. Very good. MC for....1 month huh? No gym or computer games for 1 solid month. Wooo I can use this month to overtake u in body building while you better/should use this time to DIG DEEP IN GOD'S WORD. *big bro talking*

Anyway, recover soon and please, don't be such a injury prone la. Enjoy ur little "holiday" and take care!


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