Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day to my dearest father!

Wow, it's my 1st time blogging twice in a day. But have to lar....It's Father's Day today (yesterday actually cos already pass midnight)!

I was just looking for a picture of just me and my dad and to my horror, I realised I don't have any recent picture! Omg! I have not taken a picture with just my dad since end of 2007! HOW TERRIBLE IS THAT!?!I definitely must take a picture with him again when I go back this time!!

Me and my dad at Melaka, 2007

This is the latest picture of him, in Singapore end of 2010.

He's awesome. Just 3 points I can draw out to summarise him.

He's a man after God's heart
He makes sure me and my siblings go to church every week when we were young (even now, although he doesn't have to do that anymore lol). No compromise. No such thing as lazy, exams or cannot wake up. It's better you be there or you're gonna makan rotan later. He also makes sure we have family devotions every Sunday night (kinda like a family lifegroup thingy). Which means he will lead worship then later he or my mum will lead some bible study, then pray. I will always remember what he tells us since young "There is no greater honour than to serve the Lord, our God"  

He's a romantic
No I'm serious. He can be the sweetest guy alive when he has the mood. He will always tell us "your mum is the Rachel of my life". Every Valentine's day, my dad will send flowers to my mum though a company that deals with this. Can you imagine when my mum is in school, all a sudden there would be someone that comes in and say "Hi. Someone sent you these flowers." in front of all her staff?!?When my parents celebrated their 20th anniversary of marriage, he kinda wrote down a short speech of love and gratitude and read it to my mum during dinner. He beats Romeo anytime.

Dad and mum when they celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2008

He's a family man
I remember when me and my bro was still little, he would bring us to go hike Penang hill every Sunday. And when we were older, he would spend time playing football with us. Sometimes, it's just 3 of us but we had so much fun. He always tells us that he would not exchange anything else in this world for his family.

 Family trip to Melaka in December, 2010

And yes, he would often play his guitar and sing to us this song when we were little kids titled "Child"....

....and make 3 of us cry....LOL. Even now, I do still get teary sometimes when I hear this song because each time I hear this, I remember my dad, his love for us and the family.

It's because of him, I'm the person I am today.

Thank you for all the love, care and discipline you gave me. All the values and principles of life you've taught me throughout my life.

I love you pup, always :)

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