Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm changing my course.

Okay I'll reveal a truth.I'm gonna change my course.I'm not gonna do health science anymore.In fact,I'm no more gonna do science.I'm gonna do foreign language and intercultural communication.

Say bye bye to all those muscular joints and and nerves and tissues and scientific names and all those crap.I know many of u that read these may feel very shock.Maybe dissapointed as well.But I can't help it.I can't deny the truth that I hate Human Anatomy.

Let me reveal everything,from the start to my current descision.

Before taking Health Science course

I was undescisive.I didn't know what I wanted to do.That's why I took 3 sciences for SAM last year.Not that I really like it,but to wider my university options in future.Even after getting my SAM results,deep down,I wasn't sure I wanted to do.

I know many will say "I thought u were very sure u wanted to do physiotherapy?"

To be honest, physiotherapy was suggested by my parents.They say it's good for the future because I can then earn money and find job easily and the nature of the job suits my personality,which is interacting with ppl.So I just follow their advice.

Before going to Australia,I also had a mind everybody has.I want to be rich.I want to get high social status.I want to get a degree that is prestigue.I want to be successful in life.Those were the reasons that made me decide to take up physio course too.

I'm actually not in uniSA....yet.I'm in SAIBT,an institute that partners with uniSA.Because my TER was not high enough to do physio,I had to do a diploma of health science 1st and then hopefully,I do very well and there is some place in physiotherapy class next year before I can enter. This means there is no 100% guarantee that I can do physio,even if I get super high marks.And....I'm doing a dilpoma now....wat is this??!?!

I'm supposed to be doing a degree now!The only reason I'm in SAIBT now is because of physio. And there isn't any guarantee if I can get into physio as well so do u think it's worth it?

During the course

I worked hard.I was focussed.I told myself I'm gonna work hard to get into physio.And indeed,I started brightly.I did really well for my assignments and test.But deep inside,there was still doubts whether I'm doing the right course or not.I just brushed it aside each time the doubt came.

It was in late April when the doubt became stronger and stronger.I realised I dislike the stuff I was studying.I didn't enjoy the practicals.I didn't enjoy all the scientific names that I have to rmb.

As week goes by,it became clearer and clearer to me that this is not the right course for me.It was difficult for me because I know if I were to change my course,I'll upset and dissappoint many people who cares for me,especially my parents.

I still try to like it and brush aside thoughts of changing my course.But 1 day when I asked my lecturer how physiotherapy is like and she told me physiotherapy is 90% about Human Anatomy.Immediately,I was like......"oh no!"Then,I really started to consider changing course.

I spend weeks thinking about this issue.I couldn't really concentrate in class.Couldn't really sleep as well.My mind was all about whether I should change or not.Finally,I made up my mind after praying and getting advice from friends.

I thank God I have such understanding parents when I told them my decision to quit health science.It was not easy for them to accept at first but now,I have their full support.

Reasons for taking Bachelor of applied language and intercultural communication

I feel I'm tired of science d.My whole life have been science.I've never done arts before.I wanna do something different.I wanna have a fresh new challenge.

Why language and culture?

Because I realised since I came here,I've been fascinated to see so many people from different countries.I'm so interested in learning their language and culture.It's so enriching for me.I love meeting people.I wanna do something that can enable me to understand other people's culture and travel around the world.

So what language am I gonna take?

Japanese.This is because I love Japanese food.I love Japanese people.I think Japanese is a very cool language.All my close friends are Japanese people.

Through this course,I may be able to be an exchange student to Japan for 1 or 2 semester from uniSA.I still pay the same amount.All I need to take care is my air ticket and living cost.

Gosh,I think I'm gonna love it!


I hope this news will not be too shocking for you.

To my christian friends, please keep me in prayer as I continue this journey in life.

I believe my future is in God's hands.He will take care of it.I trust Him and Him alone.


  1. This is Siu Hau, very deep post you had there, glad it all worked out in the end. :)

  2. Me too...Thanks for ur advice earlier on=)