Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The 3 warrier eaters

There was 3 warrier eaters today....me,Lye Boon and Nigel.We went for a buffet dinner at E&O hotel.Ate like barbarians.

The 3 of us

There was plenty and plenty of food....There's just too many of them!I'll let the pictures do the talking=)

Main Dishes



Roasted duck...


This is the grill corner...where all the seafood, steak, and sausages are grilled....

This is the pasta corner,where all the spaghetti,carbonara and macaroni are available....

Side Dishes/Desert(This is the best part)

Plenty of salad....

Some kind of deserts!

More deserts...

And puddings....

And cheese cakes!
The list goes on and on.....Now,I'll show you the pics of ourselves.

Me coating my mush mallows with chocolate...yum....

So are these 2 monkeys....

More deserts!!=)

Lye Boon vaining with his coffee(as usual)...lol.

Life can't be any better,can it?

After eating....
Me and Nigel

Me and Lye Boon

We had a great time of not only eating,but also catching up with one another since last year when we finished SAM.Tommorow night,makan besar again....this time,in TGIF restaurant with my God parents together with my family...wah....life is good!!=)


  1. "Lye Boon vaining with his coffee(as usual)"

    Since when he became Dr Donald No2?? hahahaha!

  2. hey Chiaming here.. didn't tell me u have a blog.. link me.. haha..




    yeah I know lye boon leaving same day as me, i got friend to kai siao him, my friend also going to curtin miri! :D

    Sure sure, im flying about 9pm but prolly be at the airport by 6 or 7pm.. keep in touch okay! once I get a mobile i will let you know! btw must pakat to choose a telco, either optus or three! then can call each other for free!

    PS: if you ever need social support (along with yi ling and all the rest who are also going to adelaide), don't forget me ya. I'll always be there for you guys. :) Its gonna be a challenge this year but we'll be strong together :)

  4. wah..the food looks yummy..*lau nua d*...must be expensive!! ya,ppl kaypo about love love stuff usually..hahaha...

  5. ooh. i have never eaten in that hotel before. it must be very expensive!

    anyway i grew up in bayan lepas area. just wondering if we have ever bummed into each other ...


  6. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...lookz gud la...gud la...haiz...monkey...haha...luv ur blog la...so fun 1...^^gud 4 u...can go out eat with ur fren makan besar 1...haiz...gud la...