Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A wonderful time in Singapore!

Just came back from Singapore today.Tired.But that won't stop me from blogging tonight!!This Singapore trip is the most enriching and meaningful trip I've had in all my Singapore trips.This is beacause:
  1. I travelled alone this time.It's my 1st time travelling alone.This makes you feel 'besar' and independent=)
  2. I managed to catch up with all my friends in Singapore,including 1 of them whom I've not seen since year 2001.
  3. I managed to spend quality time with my nephews.If it's not for this trip,I wouldn't get to see them this year.
  4. I had free supper every night!!Thanks to my nice relatives.
This was my supper every night....Frog dish!!It's the best in Singapore...yummy...

6th Feb
Okay...So last friday,met up with Evonne for dinner in Bugis.She asked me "Have you been to MOS Burger?If not,let's go there...there's something u need to try....Rice burger!"I was like...What on earth is that??

This was the place we had dinner.

Yes.This is how a rice burger look like.It was good!I ordered this rice burger that has unagi eel... Was something different!

7th Feb
Met up with Evonne again....This time,we took bus together to Kallang to do some shopping as I had to buy a pair of shoes.This girl really knows where to shop!(I think that's every girl punya gift)

Initially,we plan to meet up Zhi Ying after lunch than go Sentosa but since she only can meet us at night,we changed plan and went Science Centre instead.We had a great time.

Me taking pic with Mr T-rex outside Science Centre

Evonne joined 'us' for pic this time...

How did my head end up in this eating plate?It's for me to know,for you to find out=)

Showing off some 'muscles'...hehe...

I'm digging gold here...wanna join me?=)

Me and Evonne taking a shot some where inside....

At night,we met Zhi Ying at Orchard.We were very excited to meet her as we've not seen her since primary school!We went to eat Japanese pasta in Waraku(another restaurant you can't find in Malaysia).

This is the place.

I had this pasta....boy,it was good!

3 of us tried 1 special dish....

Tha Da!!!!It's squid black ink lagsagna...something like that...

I know it looks like real disgusting crap...but it taste absolutely wonderful!

The 3 of us enjoying our dinner=)

After dinner,we went Borders bistro to sembang summore...

We really had a great time....just wished that we had more time.Too bad,both of them have test and exam the following week respectively.(Well,you know lah....Singapore=Kiasu+Kiasi)

8th and 9th Feb
The next 2 days was not so eventful,so I'll summarise it into 1.

Met up with Nichole....bubbly as ever.Both are cakap banyak ppl,so we really had a great time cakap,cakap,cakap.

Managed to meet up with my Indonesian friends as well....The pic above is Sally,her bro, Adi,myself and her husband-to-be,Robert.Btw Sally,congrats on ur coming marriage!!=)

Not to forget aunty Lily....

And aunty Nancy....

As it was my last night in Singapore,I decided to take pic with my nephews....
*Sorry Tse Chiang,couldn't take pic with u as u were sound asleep*

Tse Pin,and....

Tse Wei.

To all my relatives and friends in Singapore,I'll deeply miss u guys as I may not be able to see u guys that often anymore.....tht's because I'll be futhering my studies in Adelaide,Australia. Thanks soooo much for making my Singapore trip a great and enriching one....I really had fun coming here,meeting u all!!May God continue to bless each of you in ur studies and work respectively.....will definitely keep in touch=)


  1. LOL!!!Mr T-rex...haha...luv the science centre part...but seriously,how ur head end up at plate??haha...Singapore=kiasu+kiasi...haha...funny...anw,nxt time bring me eat the black squid ink lasagna thing...wann try!!!haha...poor ciang...lolXD