Saturday, May 8, 2010

Winter is coming. OH NOOO!!!!!

The days have been getting colder. Rainy, gloomy. Sunset is getting earlier and earlier. Now at 6pm, u can't see the sun anymore and u already feel so......sad? Not really sad, but that kind of winter feeling.

The hot water is not working well in my house. Has called the plumber countless of times to fix it. Still, it seems like the water is just in winter mood as well. Have been a few times that I showered cold water. Terrible!!!

It's 1 month's time to winter and I'm just not looking forward to it.

So why do some people like winter so much?

Don't ask me. I have no idea. Seriously, there's nothing to look forward to in winter, especially in Adelaide where there is no snow. HOW BORING. You can't go out, u can't play sports, u can't go to the beach, u can't do anything!!!

Except for eating like a pig, sleeping like a pig and....Oh ya!!!ROMANCING.....*Ulala*.....

I think winter is a romantic season as people always fall in love during the winter season for some reasons. Some say that because it's a cold weather, people find love to "warm" themselves? Haha.....

Think about all the romantic movies and dramas, it's kinda true. Most of them are related to winter season/ cold weather. Think of movies such as Titanic, cartoons such as Beauty And The Beast and Anastasia, all those Korean Dramas......It's funny isn't it?

Nah.....Romance is not for me yet. I'm enjoying my singlehood and loving it. It's a blessing to be single now because I know in a few years time, I will not be able to enjoy that "singlehood" lifestyle anymore for the rest of my life. Of course, there's always a possibility because life is so unpredictable, but let's just assume things go according to plan. So.....I wanna enjoy them while I still can!!!=D

Wait.Why did I suddenly talk about this? Nevermind.

Planning to travel to Melbourne and Sydney this coming July. Not sure yet, but just feel like visiting other states of Aussie. Will keep u guys updated when I have decided.

Cheers peeps!=)


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  2. Jesh!! Come to Melb!! NIgel is coming too. We can meet here. :)

  3. Really??When? Let me know the dates so that I can start planning!! =)