Monday, April 19, 2010

Time simply fly too fast,isn't it?

Last week,I attended a very good friend's graduation.Her name is Erica.She's from Hong Kong and she speaks exactly like a Malaysian!!!(Oh trust me,u wouldn't know that she's from Hong Kong until she tells u that.Her Malaysian accent is just unblievable!)Well,she left for Sydney this year and she's working there now as a dentist.She's from the same church as me and the same Life Group(or u call it Cell Group back home) as well.A faithful servant of God, with wonderful personality.We truly did miss her presence here in Adelaide.It was great to see her again during her graduation!

Well,I just felt something when I was at the graduation.Like......u see so many happy faces,joyful parents and family members, all celebrating with the graduates,it just reminded me that there will come a day when I will experience it too with my family and friends celebrating with me. Gosh!!!!2 more years.....2 MORE YEARS and I'll be graduating!!!That's the exciting part,but that is quite a worrying part as well because it means ur student life is officially over and u'll be a working adult from that day on until u retire.Scary isn't it?

Back in those days,I just wished that time would pass faster.I still remember that I always complain why time passes by so slow during my primary school years.Can't wait to grow up, can't wait to be independant,can't wait to be free from parent's control.Now,I just wished that 1 day has 48 hours instead of 24 hours.Sometimes,I just wished that I can go back to those school days when there's absolutely nothing to worry about,except ur studies.(Technically speaking,my parents was the one that worry about my studies for me which means I had nothing to worry about!!!)U don't have to worry about the future.....standard 1 this year,means standard 2 next year.Form 1 this year,means form 2 next year.

Now,u gotta worry about career future,bills,rents,daily meals,studies,financial planning......Oh my goodness....So many things!I've learned that indeed, freedom comes with responsibility.We so called didn't had freedom from our parents last time,but think of it,it's because our parents had to carry all our responsibilities. Now we are independant,we are free from our parents' shell......but there's so much responsibility in return.I can't deny that I'm really enjoying the independance I'm having here in Australia,but I'm also learning that ADULTHOOD IS NOT EASY!!!!!

Now,I need to make another big decision that will have a big influence on my career future.I need to decide on what I wanna specialise on,something related to what I wanna do as my job next time.Yes,I'm majoring in Japanese and doing a linguistic course,but I still need to specialise on something,and it's a requirement of my course.I gotta think about whether I wanna work in Australia or plan to come back to Malaysia or other Asia countries in the future to work, because that will also play a big factor in my decision.I gotta come up with this decision in the next few weeks!

Oh ya!!!1 last thing.....I've said that I'll post up pictures of my new room,so here are the pics!!

I love my new room,my new house.It's much nicer that my previous accomodation.I'm blessed!!!

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