Sunday, April 4, 2010

Challenging times.

To be honest,I've been really going through a tough time since coming back to Adelaide. Things were not like before anymore. Life was not so sweet and fun compared to the same time last year. It's been really a hard time for me.

I've been going through some personal problems and thus, the stress I'm going through is like crazy. This is the stormiest time I have gone through since coming to Australia, and perhaps one of the biggest challenges I'll ever face in life.

Since it's a personal problem,I shall keep it personal. But everyday, I have battles inside me regarding "doing something out of emotions VS doing something because it's right". Sometimes when u are angry,u just feel like doing something that u know u may regret later. Sometimes, u feel so fustrated that u feel like letting the whole world know what is actually going on,but yet at the same time,u know it's not the right thing to do.

My situation is so complicated, it's like a time bomb in a house.I need to difuse the bomb asap because it may explode,yet difusing the bomb is risky. All it takes is for me to cut 1 wrong wire and the whole house will be wipe out.

Crazy crazy crazy. All sorts of emotions running in me for the past few weeks.

But good news!Things have been getting better these few days and I'm sure things will be alright in the future. I've decided on certain things and have moved on with life. Time will heal I'm sure.

So, just wanna let u guys know of some changes I've had. I've moved to another place to stay since last week. My room is much nicer than the previous one, and I'm living with 4 church friends. Will post up some pictures in the next blog!

It's sad to know that sometimes life do not always give u what u want, or go according to ur plan. Life can be so unpredictable and anything unexpected can just happen. Honestly, I didn't expect myself to be staying at where I am now, and other things to turn out this way. But doesn't that makes life interesting?Life is truly an adventure.

I've also learn alot from this experience. Just wanna encourage u that if u are going through some tough time as well, stay positive! Just treat it as a learning experience so that u will be able to use the experience to tackle bigger problems in future.

For those who knows what I'm going through,please keep it to urself.

For the others, thanks for ur concern but just wanna let u that I'm fine.

For my bro and sis in Christ, please keep me in prayer.

Thanks and God bless!

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