Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adventure of 2010 begins!

Sorry guys!Thousand thousand appologies!

I know I've been guilty of not updating my blog for more than 2 months!Well,that's because I've been busy holiday-ing back home in Penang and of cos,now starting to get busy with uni life!

I won't be uploading the pictures here because there's just way too many to upload all of them throughout January and Febuary.If u wanna see them,please see them on my FB=)

Okay,just a quick summary of the main events from January till now:

  • Gave my family a surprise comeback on the 2/1/10.It was just an unforgettable experience of seeing the joy of my parents and sibling's face when they saw me.The next day,I went to church and gave everyone a surprise.Throughout the surprise,many people including my bro thought they saw a ghost when they saw me.It was good to be back home!
  • Went to Langkawi the following weekend with my family.Grandma and my big aunt followed as well.Had a fun time trying out different beers with my dad.Basically,it was just a great time eating and catching up with my family in Langkawi!
  • Busy catching up with friends...lots and lots of friends!Of course,I've also met some my college was a nice to see so many farmiliar faces again!

  • Went to Betong,Thailand for holidays!If u didn't know,Betong is where the communist settlement is.I went into the tunnels where the communist built it last time to hide, and explored many other interesting stuff.
  • Chinese New Year!Don't have to elaborate more,must I?Lol....Lots of food and money as usual,but it was more than that.It's all those wonderful moments with your family that matters!
  • Extracted my wisdom tooth 10 days before going back to Australia.It was a "fun" experience.Experiencing a few jabs the dentist give u on ur gums,cutting ur gums to make a hole and removing a big tooth that is rooted side ways below the gum level.Had ulcers on that wounded area after the operation.Terrible experience!
I really enjoyed those 2 montns back home.Family,friends,good food,......I really love home!

Currently,I'm in my 2nd week of uni.This sem is far more challenging than my previous sem,but at the same time far more interesting and fun!I'm enjoying my Japanese 1A class the most.....But yea,learning a language is NOT EASY.It takes alot of dedication and hard work to excel in a language.....Besides that,linguistic subjects are far more complicated than u know....So please,don't think my course is an easy course!!=)

Anyway before I sign out,let me show off my Japanese a little=P

My name is Jeshua.=わたしのなまえはジェシュアです。(watashi no namaewa Jeshua desu)

It can also be written similiarly with the same pronounsation and structure as 私の名前はジェシュアです。

That's the more advance style when u include Chinese words inside.

Ask me more if u're interested!Trust me,learning a new language is fun!

Alright,enough of the showing off.

I'll try my best to update my blog as often as I can!

おやすみなさい!(Good night!)
o ya su mi na sa i !

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