Thursday, May 13, 2010

Culture Shock.

3 days ago, I went to Woolworths(supermarket) with my housemate to buy some stuff. Since there was no one in the house, she brought her dog along and left in the car while we went shopping. Well, we weren't really shopping actually....just having a quick shop on some food that were on sale. When we came back to the car, we saw this......

A little piece of paper on the car screen.

Wanna have a look at the paper?

Someone wrote this to us.

Tell me, where can u experience this in Malaysia? LOL.

Drivers in Malaysia are reckless enough, we wouldn't really care if a dog is in the car or not. As long as the driver park his car properly, put his signal while turning, we're more than happy.

Different culture eh? People here are super animal lovers, and everyhing here has rights.Human rights,children rights,animal DON'T PLAY PLAY!!!

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