Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Ipod......Wooo!!!

Check out my new Ipod!!

I bought it for 176$'s still cheaper than in Malaysia after why should I hesitate buying?Haha.....

At least now,I don't have to feel so lonely walking 30 min to and back from uni....I have songs to company me!!

Last week,I also went to a pancake shop with my friends just to chill out.......has been some time I've not eaten outside so was great!

This is my's a french pancake...oh trust me,it was just awesome!!

New course has started!!How has it been so far?Pretty good,very exams for this semester as well cause all of my subjects are 100% assignment base.....I LOVE IT....But it's not a very good news either as there'll be loads and loads of assignments!!!

It's totally different from science.In science,you learn about accuracy,prescision.No debates,no arguments.

Example: 1 + 1 = 2, 2 x 2 = 4;matter is anything that has mass and occupies space;cells is the basic unit of life.

It's just facts and u gotta understand it, swallow it down and vomit it out during the exams.

Arts is different.Like mine,the lecturers give us more questions than facts during lectures.Why this?Why not that?How come?Can it be the other way round?These are the questions we usually get and we gotta do a research on that question as an assignment.

It's Arts.It's languages and cultures.No clear right or wrong.It can be right at some point,it may not be at other times.It's base on experiences.It keeps u thinking.

"Dogs bark.Cows moos.If a dog is called a cow,it barks or moos?"
"If I were to study English in England and Singapore,will it be the same?Why not?"
"I'm Malaysian.But I'm also chinese.In China,will I be considered a Chinese or Malaysian?Will they accept me as local if I live there?

I love it.


  1. The pictures of the pancakes are making me hungry..looks so yummy!

  2. really is....come to Adelaide 1 day and I'll bring u to that pancake shop.