Thursday, September 3, 2009

I've got my independence from Hosanna Heights!!!

*Warning:This is really gonna be a very very very long blog.I'm sorry for that but really couldn't cut it any shorter.I think this is gonna be the longest blog I've ever written*

Yea.31st of August was Malaysia's independence day.The next day which was 1st of September,was my independece day!!Independence from chicken everyday,from people stealing my food and also from the manager which is so corrupted.Hosanna Heights is the name of my former accomodation.

Like most countries,they didn't get their independence easily from the foreign power.Same here, me and my friends didn't got ours easily as well!We had to look for a house,decide,plan,make payments,buy furniture,buy untensils was real hectic!!

And,I'm the treasurer of the house.So I sort of represent the house.Any payments,bills and documents will go through me.That really drive me crazy as I gotta do lots and lots of financial planning!!

Anyway....I'll start showing some pictures.

Okay....we went to a garage sale to buy second hand goods.This is 1 of the things we bought.Just cost us 4.50$ for a well functioning oven toaster=D

After all the buying and stuff.....we had to gotong-royong the house cos it was sooo dirty and dusty.

That's me.....and yes,I really did vacuum the whole entire house including the cellings where there was some spider webs.I also mop the whole house except for my roommate's room because I didn't had time as I had to go collect the mattresses.

This is my housemate,Aoi....She's busy unpacking her clothes as that is the most important things for girls....expected!!

This is my other housemate,Sayo......She's having lots of fun cleaning and wiping in the kitchen!

Waiit....I know u guys will be thinking "wah....Jeshua is staying with 2 girls!"NOT TRUE.I have one last housemate which is a guy....He's Ray....and I thank God I have him cos he's good at fixing stuff while I'm horrible at it!

Okay.....wanna see my room?Here it is!

It's really big.....and after cleaning the whole room,it becomes.........

THIS.......jungle isn't it?But I can't help it as I do not have any furniture=( least,I've finally got to hug a boaster after soooooooo long.Actually,it's not a boaster.It's called a body pillow which is slightly different from boaster.....Cos Australia do not have,at least it's close!!

Ray's room

Aoi/Sayo's room

Living room

This is a mini indoor porch.It's quite unique that this house has it.This means I can actually keep my bicycle and our sleepers indoor.

The porch is actually connected to the living room,the girl's room and Ray's room.Means they can actually fly to their room directly after going through the house door.Their room's "wall" can be slide open and become like a "door".....My room is the only one that has no short cut into it=(

Laundry room


My friends even bought this.....They are sooo health conscious!!


Kitchen/Dining Room

I really love this only cost us 99$ including the 4 chairs....and it's 1st hand bought in was an offer and we felt it was really really worth it.If u buy the chairs seperately,each cost around 99$!!!!

Okay.....Now let's have a look at the house from outside=)


In between the front and the back


This is the back door....which is just next to my room.

This is my room from outside.

The garage.

There's a string tied for us to hang out clothes as well=)

Lastly,let me show you what have I been busy with apart from the gotong-royong and buying house funitures.

Bills and Letters

Just the 1st day I moved in an I already received a couple of letters."Apply this credit card and save this!Electricity bills.....easy to pay.Just set up direct debit!Earn more interest by opening another bank account!"CRAPPPPPP!!!!

I feel like I'm a father when I see all these.Pay this pay that,in the end whether u save or not,u still gotta PAY!

I now understand the stress each time my dad sees his letters.SCARY.


This is just 1 of the long receipts I have.Shop for food,shop for personal stuff,shop this shop that!!Got no car take bus then carry like mad.

Imagine carrying 4 bags of food and gloceries in ur hands including 1 bag behind ur back and walking from the bus stop back home!!Really can die.....I now realised how fortunate we all are to have cars back home.


These were the very 1st food I cooked in Adelaide.It was Char Koay Teow + BBQ Australian sausages for my dinner.To be honest,my cooking has exceeded my own expectations!

Today,I had white rice and brocholli+colliflower and egg(Nui Pau) for's been ages since I had a Nui Pau.....Nui Pau is much better than Hosanna's chicken....gosh....chicken everyday.....Okay,not gonna talk abt it anymore.

For my lunch,I'll usually eat my left over dinner.I'll purposely cook extra during dinner time so that I can store 1 for my lunch the following day.Same with the rice,now I've actually got a bowl of white rice in the fridge now.....that's gonna be converted into fried rice tmr!!!

It's been really really exhausting for me.But I've learned sooooo much through this experience, sooo much that I'll remember this period of time forever.It's a tiring,exhausting and stressful experience,but it's worth every minute.

I appreciate my home much more now.

I appreciate my country where I can get food easily anytime from hawkers stall which is sooo cheap and good.

I appreciate my parents when all I need to do is let them know what I need or want to eat and it's there.

I appreciate the car that I have back home.

I fully understand what is financial planning and stress.

I fully understand what it means to save electricity and water.

I fully understand how does it feel like to be the leader of the house(like my dad).

I'm trully blessed back home.


  1. it is really alot of experience you got there... i can imagine myself in your shoes half a year later.. LOLX...

  2. Mum is proud of you. You'll make a very good husband and father one day.

  3. whoa....i wish i had ur man...lolx***i'm jess nw***

  4. Gie:U will....=)


    Jess:Ur time will come....start doing the dishes and housework 1st=)

  5. nice place you have there..very cosy looking..hehe

  6. omg!!
    u really do all that__
    u-re so fantastic!!!!
    like a hero!!!
    so cute!!
    I must follow u on my blog‼

  7. Things doesn't come easy in life. I appreciate life as much as you as I live my life here in KL. But comparing a foreign country to KL, it's way alot of difference here.

    God bless..

    Cheers, mate!