Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oxygen Ball 2011

Wow....just a glance and it's Week 6 of uni tomorrow, when my last post was about sem starting. Guess I don't realise the time flying so fast is because it's been such a eventful few weeks, with Oxygen activities every week, work, and studies to juggle with at the same time. Well, the past few Oxygen event was really fun, but last night was the best because it was.......OXYGEN'S 1ST EVER BALL!!!!

Here are some of the pics...*Go to my Facebook to see all the pics!*

 Wing Hang with her little post....

 Amy, Doreen and Claire...3 pretty girls!

Juliana with her cute dimples.....

 Yvonne....U look stunning!

 Natasha....cheerful as always!

Abby....The planner for the whole event. The one behind all the set up and deco. She was brilliant! And of course, Abby u look awesome!

Now for some good looking guys.....

 Yew Gene, Jeremy, Kavi and Caleb....Don't they look good?

 Hanxzen and Zack....Bros of life!

Oxygen Ball committee 2011....Congrats guys, we did it! =)

Phew, finally everything is over! All the planning and stressing before that but it was all worth it. Really enjoyed myself and I'm sure everyone did!

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