Saturday, April 25, 2009

An eventful week!

This week,many things happened.Firstly,Yo went back to Japan.Secondly,I have 2 new Japanese friends in my hostel.Yay.Lastly,I've got a new girlfriend!!!Wooo.....New Guitar!

Last Sunday,19/4/09
We made a shirt for Yo with all our names and his name on it.We made him wear it at the airport.

This was the whole group from my hostel that was with Yo at the airport.

I'm really gonna miss this brother.

This was us together with all his other friends.

Guess what?He just left without saying good bye to us.We were chatting nicely among ourselves, just to realise he has vanished among us after that.

We are going to kill you for this Yo!!!Haha...we miss you here.Take care man.

Last Thursday,23/4/09
I shall no longer be guitar sick anymore.I bought her for 550$.I simply love her.

My guitar brand is washburn.

I shall say this to my guitar back home."Sorry,I'm afraid I've got another new girl here in Aus.You have been down graded to my 2nd choice girlfriend."


Actually,these 2 Japanese girls have moved in on Tuesday.I me them on Wednesday morning in the dining hall during breakfast.But since I had class,I could only bring them out yesterday to help them open bank account etc.

This is Mika....

And Sayo.....

2 new Japanese friends.Yay!


  1. cool guitar... nice "girl friend"... love it so much too.. haha

  2. haha....thanks!