Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I met a former EPL star!!!

Before I start, just wanna say thousand appologies for abandoning my blog for so long!

Have been busy for the past 4 weeks with those final assignments to hand in and of course, been lazy to blog.

Well, just a quick update on what is going on in Adelaide:
-I've already finish my semester!Woohoo!!
-I've been sleeping alot like a pig lately.
-I've managed to survive the heat wave in Adelaide so far.It was 39C for the whole of last week!
-I've found myself a job. I'm currently working in a Thai restaurant. Working almost everyday.
-I've been getting a little emo these few days as the year is coming to an end. Some friends are going back to their country for good. Have been reflecting alot about how 2009 has been for me. *Well,I'll keep that for another blog=)*

Anyway, I'll be blogging about someone I met 2 days ago. If u're a football fan,u're gonna love this. He was an ex-West Ham goalkeeper, played for them during the 1960s till the early 1980s.

His name is Bobby Ferguson!!!

I met him in my work place. It all started like this:

I was serving him food and drinks as usual. He realised I was wearing a Barcelona shirt, so he asked me:" Are u a Barcelona fan?" I said "Well, Barcelona is my favourite Spanish club. But I'm actually a Man Utd fan."

He gave a disgusting look to me and said "Well,I played for West Ham before, and I remember saving 3 penalties againts MU in a FA cup game during the penalty shoot out!"

I couldn't believe what he just told me.Am I seriously talking to a former EPL star?I just didn't believe what he said. His 2 other friends who were sitting at the same table tried to convince me that he was telling the truth. They told me :" He was a very famous player before.U sure u don't want his autograph (with a cheeky smile)??Google him when u go back home to see if we're telling the truth."

Yea I know,I can be faithless at times.

I still didn't really believe what they said. But I just had a chat with Bobby Ferguson to find out more about him and of course, his experience in the EPL assuming that he was telling the truth. He told me he is from Scotland,and played for Scotland before. He married an Australian and therefore, he migrated here.

He said that soccer is the REAL FOOTBALL in this world and anytime better than the AFL(Australian football). I soooo totally agree with him!

I ask him whether he ever felt nervous when he play in big games, or away games when the atmosphere is like electric and the home fans can be very intimidating. He said "When the whistle blows, u forget about the crowd. U are paid to play football, its a job. U just focus on doing ur job and u wouldn't care about the crowd anymore." He also said playing in Wembley during FA cup finals are special and memorable to him.

I told him that I would like to go to England 1 day to watch live matches in stadiums. He said " U should!Just go for it.....the exprience u get will be unforgettable....It's worth paying money for it if u love football!"

He showed me his hands and gosh, his hands were HUGE,his fingers were damn BIG and THICK! He jokingly told me that after playing as a goalkeeper for so many years, those finger are now broken fingers!

After work, I went back home and google about him. To my surprise, he wasn't lying at all! He was in Wikipedia, and all the stuff he told me was true!It was true that I just spoken to a former EPL star.WOW.WOW.WOW.WOW.WOW!!!!!!!

But honestly, I feel that I've out grown the stage where u can go crazy when meeting a superstar or sumting like that. When MU went to Msia,I didn't really feel like A MUST to go back to Msia to watch them play.I'm sure I won't be doing stuff like the other crazy supporters camping outside Bukit Jalil stadium. When I met the Hillsong singer Jonathan Douglass, I didn't go crazy as well. My senior pastor, Pr Ashley Evans is the brother of Planetshakers' senior pastor, Russell Evans. NO BIG DEAL.

I think maybe because since attending a mega church like Paradise Church, I have been around with top musicians, top pastors, top worship leaders, top this and top that. U come to realise that they are just humans as well. They face challenges in life just like any of us.

So if Cristiano Ronaldo or my favourite actress Kim Yoo Jin was to step into my restaurant tmr, no doubt I'll be very excited. But I won't go crazy,I'm sure of that!


  1. hey! haha nice post. definitely cracked a smile on my face! :) have a nice day!

  2. Hey Shafern!Didn't expect u to pop in my blog...hahah....have a great day too!!=)