Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another friend gone.

Last Tuesday,another good friend of mine has gone back to his country for good.He's Shin Jae Ahm from Korea.

This was him and me last April

He was my first Korean friend and also my first few friends I had during my early days in Adelaide. He lived next to my room in my former accomodation and was one of my very good friends here in Aus.

I always hang around in his room with other friends when we are free and we just chat,play guitar(he's a very good guitarist),drink and eat pizzas.He's a really kind gentleman.....he's still available!*Any girls interested,please contact me=P*

The night before he left,we threw him a party.We were absolutely crazy!

Everyone busy preparing food for the party.....

Ahm and another Korean guy,Ki cooking......

This is the famous bugolgi Ki was cooking....

Ray is in charge of the sausages......

This is Kimchi with tofu....typical korean food.

We had pizzas too.....

Everyone makan-ing....

Me with the pizza......

This is Ahm,myself and all my housemates=)

All a sudden,out came a Doremon....

This is 1 crazy Japanese dude.....his name is Yutaka.

U wanna piece of us??

Suddenly,out came a "pretty" girl!!!!!

The Doremon became a girl suddenly!

Both of them having great fun!!

I had fun too!XD

3 pretty Japanese girls....haha...

We also got him a shirt......

Wanna see what it is???

It's "AIYOOOO!!!!"......He learned how to say it when he came here.He said he'll teach his friends how to say "Aiyooo","Lah","Lo"!!!!!

The next day,me and some of us went to the airport to send him off.

We gave him more surprises.

A photography book of us with a DVD inside!!!

Inside the book is all our signature,wishes and photos collected from the 1st day we met him till the last day.

That's Ki,Yutaka,Ahm,Tushig(Mongolian),Joko(Indonesian) and me....all the guys!!!

My last picture with him before he left.

Sad that another friend is gone.More to come. Many friends leaving this and next month. How sad!

I probably just gotta get used to it.I'm gonna be here for at least another 2.5 years and I'm gonna see many friends come and go.

Back home,u don't really treasure ur friends so much compared to here.Why?Because humans tend to take things for granted.When our friends is there year in,year out,we just take them as if they'll be there forever.

Here in Aus,there are many exchange students where u only get to see them for 6 months. 1 year by max. U tend to treasure each other more because u know it's just these few months that u can really have quality fellowship together. U may or may not see them.....ever again.

So,treasure all ur friends.

Put all the egoness,the bitterness,the misunderstandings aside if u have them with ur friends.Just forgive and make amends.

Kick all the dramas aside.

U may not have them forever.

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