Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kangaroo Island!!!Woohoo!!!!

Since Sayo will be leaving in 2 weeks time,we as housemates planned an outing together.We went to Kangaroo Island last Monday.It was like a housemates' outing,just 4 of us.

If u didn't know,Kangaroo Island is the 3rd largest island in Australia,behind Tasmania and 1 more I forgot.We paid 220$ for a day tour that includes 2 way bus,ferry, and 2 course lunch.It was worth every dollar.

All right!Time for the photos=)

Our boarding pass.

The sunrise on the way to the island.*I took this in the bus*

Me and Ray on the ferry.

Live sea lions!!!!!

That's me with the sea lions behind.

We also had a bird show.

The owl hopping on everyone's leg!

Look at this majestic when it flap its wings!

Myself with ther bird!

This was at a rock which was carved by the sea and the wind for thousand of years.It has many funny shapes!

These are some of the scenary I saw.It was just breath taking.It's much much better than the pics here.U really gotta go see it for urself!!

The 4 of us.....Friends forever!!

Nature reminds me of how beautiful my father's creation are.

Have a look at these nature,and u'll realised how small we are,how small our problem is.

I love nature!=)

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  1. wow..this place is amazing!! must bring me there if i do come by all the pictures you took!