Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm home sick,guitar sick and football sick

I really am.I have been away from my home,my guitar and football live matches for almost a month can that be?These 3 things are one of the closest and most important things to me.......

Home sickness
I tend to be different from everyone.People are usually very home sick in their 1st 2 weeks away from home before they gradually get better.I am the opposite.I'm feeling more and more home sick as every week goes by.During the 1st 2 weeks here,I was perfectly fine...excited...energetic.I was able to cheer my friends that were home sick that time.Now,it seems my friends are becoming more cheerful and energetic...and I'm going backwards.They need to cheer me up now at times....When I knew that I can't go back home until end of next year(most likely),it was like a atom bomb.

To my family:*As long as I'm here,I'll try to save as much money as I can so that all of you can come to Adelaide 1 day......I promise*

Guitar Sickness
Each time I go to church,I see the worship team play,I feel very gatal.I have not been serving in the worship team since 31st January.I miss serving God in the worship team,I miss jamming with my friends.During my holidays before I came here,I play at least 3-4 times a week.Now,I don't get to even see my own guitar in my room.*Thankfully,there are nice friends that are able to lend me their guitar once while....God knew I would die without it,so He provided me 2 nice hostel mates that are guitarist.....God is good!*

Football Sickness
I have not watch any live football matches since I came here until last night(I'll go in details later).I am still following live scores through the internet,but I don't get to enjoy watching the live games like I always do back home.I miss sharing the football passion with my friends back home as here,I think I'm the only passionate football fan.I have friends here that follow football too but not as much as I do.

We all have heard this old saying "When there's a will,there's a way"

I had a strong will.....a very strong watch a live Man Utd game in Adelaide(that's be cause I've been deprived from Utd games for way too long).It's quite a joke to many people when I told them my will because football(they call it soccer here) is not popular here.Besides that,Adelaide time is 10.5 hours away from UK time.But I didn't care what people say.....I hunt around for channels and places that show live football matches.

After 2 weeks of hunting and research,I succeeded.I found a way to fulfill my desire.I decided to watch the big game.....Man Utd v Liverpool.

Well.....I'm not going into how Utd was badly crushed by Liverpool here.I'll just describe the experienced I had in the city when I saw the game.*Congrats,Liverpool fans.Your team was the better team that day.We were well beaten.But remember,the title is still in our hands=P*

I went with 3 friends.....Yo from Japan,Tushig from Mongolia and Frans from Indonesia.I was amazed when I saw how the city was like at night.....The shops were dead,but the live pubs were so vibrant and alive!There were many people in the city too.....And some of the city streets were closed so that people can walk.

We found a place outside the pub where people were just standing and watching the MU v Liv game....That's because the pub was sooo packed that they did not allow anyone else to enter.

This was my 3 friends.....

Me and Yo(Japanese).....

Toshig(Mongolian),me and Frans(Indonesian chinese)

Very cool to have friends from all conners of the earth rite?Football unites the world together...haha....=P

Anyway,the football atmosphere last night was great.You can hear people screaming,clapping thier hands,yelling,cursing....everything!It was typical UK.....But I didn't really feel safe there as well because you can see mini fights everywhere.....Aussies can become very violent when they are drunk....People were also very emotional during the football game....and after the game.After the match,You could see liverpool fans singing and dancing in the streets,waving their liverpool scarfs and flags while the MU fans left dejected(I was one of them). least I'm not so football sick anymore....I know where I can see my live matches from now on.See.....when there's a will,there's always a applies in everything in life=)


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...i'm soooo touched,bro...i almost cried...u'll save ur $$ juz bcoz u wan our whole fam 2 go Aus...but dun think too much abt me and zee,if u needa use ur $$,dont bother using it...dun hasitate(dunno spelling...sry...)

  2. dun worry jess....I will do what I can...It's okay=)