Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jeshua,the kitchen boy

Yes I am.I'm working in the kitchen in my own hostel every friday from 9am to around 3-4pm.I'm also replacing ppl that can't work on their respective days,meaning I work at least twice a day at the moment.The friday work is my commitment,the other is to see whether I'm free that time to work or not.I'm working for my own pocket money.It's 10$ per hour.

Working in the kitchen is a real experience.You know what it's like to stand for 2 hours pealling potatoes and carrots.You know how fustrating it is when people couldn't be bothered putting their fork and spoon in the bucket with detergent after eating.You know how irratating when people just carelessly dirty the dining table.You know how tiring it is to wash hundreds and hundreds of plates and cups,not to forget plenty of bowls,trays and utensils.

Yesterday,I was working at night when the rubbish bin was so full with rubbish,I couldn't pull out the gabagge bag.So,me and my friend had to do something "heroic"......DIG OUT THOSE RUBBISH TO TRANSFER IT TO ANOTHER GABBAGE BAG.Can you imagine those crap inside the rubbish bin?All the unfinished food and salivas and chicken bones!!

*So next time when your parents ask you to throw the rubbish or just wash your own dishes,don't grumble.*

Anyway,I've been mixing with a lot of people from different countries.I have friends from Japan,Korea,China,Hong Kong,Mongolia,Vietnam and Singapore.Most students that stay here are Malaysians,but majority are Sarawakians(ppl from Sarawak).Did you know there's such a thing called Bahasa Sarawak?It's really fun to mix around and learn each other's culture and language.

Well coming to Adelaide,it's surprising that English is not my main language.In fact,I've been speaking more maderin and cantonese everyday,as even Malaysians here comunicate in manderin or cantonese.I have to admit,my cantonese is horrible as I don't have the opportunity to practice back home.But ever since coming here,I've been speaking it everyday as I have a number of Hong Kong friends.Even the kitchen is a cantonese environment as all the aunties speak cantonese there.My hokkien is slowly dying as I've not spoken hokkien since leaving Penang.....

Well,I do miss home.I do miss Penang food.But I'm enjoying life here as well!=)

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