Sunday, March 8, 2009

The spirit of studying is back in me!

For the past 3 and a half months,I've been doing nothing.....apart from eating,sleeping and playing a fool.The last time I studied was the last day of SAM final exam which strenches back to last year,12th november.Yeah....I deserved this long break as I didn't had a break after SPM before doing SAM.It was 2 exam years in a row for me.

Well,my holidays are over.....and I acknowledge that.No more lazy-ing around,nor online-ing every night,nor sleeping 10 hours a day.It's time to study again!!!

And.....I'm up for it.I'm ready for the task that is laid before me.I have a desire again to do well in my studies,achive great results and accomplish my goals.Let me show you some proof.

My time table and self motivation posters(I made them) are up in my room again!

I always make these posters when I'm in study mood even back home in Penang.I feel those posters help me alot as each time I see them,I'm motivated to work hard and study.During my holidays,I've played hard,I've give my best in enjoying(it's true!).So now,I'll study hard and give my best in my studies.

Yesterday,I went to a supermarket and guess what?I saw my favourite cheese that I always used to eat back home with my parents.........Fruit cheese!!

It was extremely cheap compared to Malaysia.....I only bought in here for 3.85$ while back home,it's around RM18.

I also bought a box of crackers.It was only 1.87$......These crackers go well with the fruit cheese.....Trust me!=)

Each time I spend here,I convert.....that's because I'm using my parent's Malaysian riggit.I calculate every bit and take a long time to decide whether to it buy or not.Well in 2 weeks time, I'll be getting my own hard-earned pocket money!!!Woooohooo!!!Then I'll stop converting when I buy anything.

Well......I will patiently wait for my own pocket money!!=)

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