Monday, March 30, 2009

Life was too good back home.....

Life here has been getting more busy and hectic. My life now is just all about work, study and rest.I feel very tired at times.Because I'm working part time,this means that I have less time to study.So how?I sacrifice my time more than others....I rest less....I take shorter afternoon sleeps....I don't lepak-lepak and waste my time.I cannot afford to sit down and chit chat or hang out with my friends so often.

*That's why,I can't blog so often anymore.I will blog only once every 2-3 weeks.....if I'm really free,then only I'll blog once a week*

As you all know,I'm also supporting myself(in everything under the sun) apart from tuition fees,room rental and 3 meals a day provided by my hostel.As I reflect back on last year,I realised I really had a luxury life.Luxury life in the sense that I always have money in my wallet,so much that I don't even have to think when I want to buy something(usually food).

I'm sure all of us are like that......want snacks?Just buy.Feel like eating outside?Just eat.Feeling bored?Just go for a movie with your friends.No problem.Money has never been an issue in my life back home.It was more I lazy?Do I have time?Do I feel like it?.....when it comes to spending money.Money didn't seem so precious to me than now.

Back home,there is always food.Cereals,bread,maggie mee,fruits,biscuits,ice creams......Almost anything,you can have it at home whenever you feel like it.Besides that,there is a burger stall and a malay stall nearby my house....anytime when I feel like eating my hotdog or nasi goreng kampung,I can have them.Want to eat,just eat.Right now,I even have to budget eating maggie mee per week.Whenever I buy any snacks such as biscuits or cheese,I need to control eating them so that it is enough to last me for the month.

Thinking of it,it's a joke that I managed to spend only 40$ last month.Spending just 40$ last month????Back home,I spend at least RM200 a month!!This means even after converting,I still spend less than back home.Weird isn't it?Shouldn't it be the other way round??

It's also ridiculous for me to be able to support myself with just my working money.With just the money I earn,I am still surviving.....still able to enjoy with my friends....even after paying stuff like my internet,transport,laundry and handphone reload(total cost is around 120$ a month).

Last year,my parents gave me RM300 a month......And I spend it only on food,parking and maybe some movies.That's all!Apart from that,nothing else.......And I still take money from them during the weekends when I spend on food outside.I said weekend spending is not included in my allowance.Photostating books,buying some stationary stuff,going for a vacation trip with my friends,supper.....All these things.....I take money from my parents whenever I spend on them.I feel very embarrased with myself now when I think of it.Why did I do that??RM300 was more than enough(of course,I did save alot of money too).

Anyway, although time and money is pretty tight for me,I didn't neglect my social life.In fact,I really had fun last week going out with my friends.Let me tell you.....having friends from all over the world is the best thing here!

Last tuesday,24/3/09
I went out with my uni friends for lunch after class.There was 5 of,Hiroki,Jane,Apple(her nickname) and Lallita.We had korean food!!!

This is me and Hiroki(Japanese)

This is me and Apple(from KL)

And.....this is Jane(Korean) and me....

*Sorry Lallita....I forgot to take a picture with u=P*

Here are some randomn pictures we took.....

In the korean restaurant.......

Know what is this??This is the korean alcohol....the ones you always see in korean dramas where the guy or girl will drink when they feel sad or depressed....haha=)

This is the korean way to whole ur cup when someone pour alcohol for's manners.

Gunbae!!!!(means cheers in korean)

This is my food....the spicy squid....yummy!

Me and Jane again.....

I never had such delicious korean food was higher than my expectations!

I went for a outing trip with my hostel friends.We actually had this trip because Yo,my Japanese friend is leaving 3 weeks time.So we decided to have 1 last trip with him.It was actually a tour trip where we were brought to a few places.....There were 10 of us.

This was the group....I'll intro them individually as I go along....

Mount Lofty Summit
This was the 1st place we went.It's something like Penang hill.Here are the pics....

Cleland Wildlife Park
This was the 2nd place we went.It was like a small zoo.....

From right left hand side:Ying Sze,Ahm,Tushig,Me and Arthur

I met some kangaroos!!!=P

Some kuala bears too.....

Isn't this fella cute?

This is Ahm(Korean) and me....He lives just next to my room....My very good friend....A very nice guy,a very good electric guitarist.....Wurin hengzhe!(we are brothers!)

Toy Factory
This was the third place we visited.Nothing much really.It was just a place full of traditional toys.....I took this time as a photo session!

This was the place.....

Ahm and me again....

Another korean guy....Seong woon....Wurin jo en qin gu!(We are good friends!)

This is Arthur from Hong Kong.....Another good friend(hou pang yao)

Another girl from Hong Kong.....Kris....she looks innocent and shy here but she is not!!=P

This is Ying Sze from Sawarak.....

She's my luna(big sister)....So Hee from Korea....

This is the VIP of this trip....Yo(Japanese).....

Some other randomn pictures....

The person on the most right is Tushig,from Mongolia.....

Barrosa Wine Farm
This was the last place we visited....

This lady is busy pouring wine for people....we get to have free wine tasting!

Me enjoying my wine....


This coming Saturday,4/3/09

Know who is he?Does he look farmiliar to you?He's Jonathan Douglass,the Hillsong lead singer.

He's coming to Paradise Church(my church) this saturday!I'll be seeing him live!
I hope I can get a chance to talk to him and take a pic with him=P

*To all my fellow chirstian bro and sis back home:Pls dun be jealous ya.....hahahah*

I'm sooo excited.....I can't wait!

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