Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bye exams, hello holidays!

Hello peeps! I'M BACK!! How have u been? I know you have been eagerly waiting for me to update my blog right? LOL :P

Well, I kinda took a break from blogging because I had exams this week. THANK GOD IT'S OVER!!!!!

Do you know that syiok feeling? After exams, there's this merdeka feeling, that sense of joy and relief....arghhhh LOVE IT!!!

Well all my papers were okay. Thankfully I could do all of them, although there were times I felt I could not finish the paper on time. Thank God that everything went well.

Bye bye notes! You have served me well for the past 15 weeks! =)

So what next? Here is my to do list during this 3 week holidays:

1)Re-apply for my exchange to Japan
2)Catch up with some friends I have kinda lost touch
3)Read up some self-motivation/faith inspiring books that I've bought

Yes. I took a 5 weeks break from my job because the last few weeks of uni was just too crazy for me, with all the big presentations, assignments and eventually exams! So my boss had actually found someone to replace me. For the mean time, she said she already has enough people to work for her so she just told me to go ahead and look for a new job. If she can, she said she'll try to fit me in again. MAN I'M GONNA MISS THE FREE FOOD THERE!!!!

So I called my previous boss's wife on Thursday and ask if there was still vacancy in that Thai restaurant. When she knew I called, she instantly ask me whether I would like to work! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!! But we did not manage to talk much because she had a meeting that time. I will call her again on Monday to negotiate things. Sigh. I kinda need a job now cos I'm running dry....So let's just hope that I would be able to work there again. I do miss the food there as well. *When it comes to Jeshua, it's always about food. Hahahah *

So ya....I shouldn't worry so much because my God will provide! =)

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