Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Curry mee!!!

What is your favourite hawkers food?

For me, curry mee is definitely one of them! Well, it is also known as curry laksa in other places (most places actually) and internationally. In Penang, it's known as curry mee because it clashes with our unique asam laksa. *And I actually don't really like asam laksa. Weird for a Penangite to say that right? I love coconut milk and I'll take anything lemak over asam anytime!*

Made curry mee for the 1st time. Yum! Super success not because I am pro, but because the paste was super awesome. *Nowadays cooking is not a big deal lar....all also instant packet tipu one.*

Combine ice skating outing tomorrow with Northington lifegroup. It's been a while since I last ice skated here. Can't wait! =D

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