Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Revival starts from us.

This post is a follow up on what happened on the 9th of July. We all know what happened. Don't need for further elaboration. However, what do you see in these pictures?

People whom were physically challenged were there.

This woman, 65 years old, took a bus by herself down to KL to make her stand.

Police brutally firing tear gas towards the brave crowd who stood for their country.

Police beating up and arresting this helpless citizen for his conviction.

This is the most touching of all: The Malays sat down to pray for Malaysia when the police started firing towards them.

What do you see? If these images don't move you, or stir you up, you really gotta ask yourself about your own conviction. It's funny how people can still complain that because of this rally, they did not get to enjoy their weekend shopping or they did not get to make business, when these people out there were fighting for the future of Malaysia. This just shows plain IGNORANCE. Yes, people can be so ignorant and selfish. No sense of gratitude or appreciation whatsoever. All they know is to complain.

And saddest thing is when Christians also make a mockery of these whole thingy, saying that this rally is silly or a waste of time. It just breaks my heart when Christians do that. Fair enough if your conviction is not to participate in this, and I totally respect that. But to mock people for gathering peacefully and standing for what is right is just ridiculous.

And we claim that we worship the God of righteousness and justice, yet we cannot differentiate between a righteous act and an evil act. Yet we fail to stand up for justice when it matters. When other people from all religious background can do it, we failed. If the Malays could risk their safety to gather on the streets to pray for the country, if the disabled and the elderly people could make their stand despite all the danger and obstacles, what more us? The young, energetic people who claims to be the children of God.


It's time that we also make our stand, and make a difference. Revival and change starts from us. If we're going to continue to just remain silent with no actions, we can forget about any changes, or revival.

I totally believe in prayers. And yes, we need to have faith. But it's also time we take more action.

"14 What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them?" -James 2:14

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