Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An experience in WWE

Last night was quite a special night for me. Rewind back to those times when I was a little kid, I could only dream of attending a WWE show. I was crazy about it, together with my brother and school friends.

I remember me and my bro last time would curi-curi watch WWE on tv when my parents are out. My mum told me last night "You think we don't know ah? Whenever we come back home, we would touch the top of the tv and it's always warm. We just closed 1 eye and kept quiet." *So if you think you can out smart your parents, better think twice. They have also gone through life and they know all our tricks*

Fast forward to 2011 and here is this 21 year old guy attending WWE. I did not plan to go actually because I've already out grown that and also, the tickets were quite expensive. But my friend Natasha was bugging me non stop, trying to convince me to go with her. After a while, I was like "'s not like your going anywhere for holidays also. And how often will u get this chance? Since this is a once a lifetime opportunity, just go lah and fulfill that childhood dream."

This is my friend Natasha, the one super enthusiastic about it and managed to somehow persuade me to go. Well done! :P

So anyway when I was there, I switched off and turned myself into a kid again. Screaming, shouting, yelling. Looking around and seeing all the kids so passionate about it, it just brought a smile to my face because I was like this once upon a time. It was truly a wonderful experience!

Childhood dream fulfilled, Jeshua!

*I actually wanted to upload the videos I recorded but I couldn't for some reason. Get it from me if u want!*

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