Monday, January 19, 2009

Adelaide is the place

Today,I've made my descision.Adelaide is the place.Why?Because Auckland university of technology(AUT) still can't give an offer after months of chasing them.Oh yes,they emailed me today...but not the news I wanted to hear.They practically wrote "Places for physiotherapy course are limited and beacuse of your late application,there might not be a place for you.You might want to consider other course as a backup plan."Late application?I applied since last september and it is considered late?What kind of nonsense is this!Other unis will only offer you other courses if either you didn't meet your pre-u requirement or the place for the course is full....While for AUT,they offer me other courses when they can't even give me a simple notification whether I have a place or not....what a joke!It's already less than a month's week is cny....I can't wait anymore...I can't trust way I'm gonna continue waiting. I've also just realised I missed calculated the total cost of studying in Adelaide.The tuition fees is not a 100k difference with AUT,it's actually cheaper.Like I have mention in my previous blog,I may not get to do physio in Adelaide,provided I meet certain archievement and there is places that time.I've decided to trust God.I know He will provide me a place if it's according to His will....If not,I'm sure He has a better plan for me.I just have to do my part in doing well for the 1 year diploma of health science programme in SAIBT college,and God will do the rest.

I'm just disappointed with the attitude of AUT,that's all.Really unfair to me,really unprofessional. Even if I get an offer from them tmr,I have made up my mind.I don't want to be their student.I've decided to put my future and trust totally on God.

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