Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's time to go top!!

Tonight will be the night that Man Utd can go top of the table....provided they beat Bolten today. After more than half the season gone,it's finally the time they can be top after a slow start to the season.Well as always,Utd are always known as slow starters....They usually produce their best form in the 2nd half of the watch out,Liverpool fans!!As I'm still waiting anxiously for the AUT offer,football is something that can always cheer me up....especially after the 3-0 trashing of Chelsea last week!!Watching Man Utd games can help me de-stress...during exam times,or any anxious times like now....but watching Utd games can be stressful too...haha....especially when they are not playing well!But,stress in an enjoyable,hope they will go top this weekend!Glory glory Man Utd!!

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