Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Running out of patience....

Okay,can someone tell me when I'll get my offer from AUT?I've been waiting anxiously for it since new year's day....Well,at least I've receive an offer from SAIBT.It's a college that links me up with uniSA.Why must I go to a college?That's because my TER wasn't good enough to do physio in uniSA.....Sigh.So the offer was this.....I need to achieve a certain result in SAIBT,then I am only assured I can do physio in uniSA in the 2nd year....means that I skip the 1st year....means that I do not waste any year....But still,I don't wanna be in a rat race again.The past 2 years have been a rat race exam year for me.....SPM and SAM.I don't think I can tahan another so called 'exam year' for me....having the pressure to do well so that I can get into the course I want.If I cannot achive the score needed,how ar???Change course?My parents will kill me....and I don't think I can accept that as well.It's like...my SAM result was useless.....I could have maybe done it locally in Malaysia....I don't wanna have this regret.Besides that,studying in Adelaide will be more expensive than in Auckland....a 100k difference....just on tuition fees itself.Besides that,if I go Adelaide,I definitely have to work,to cover up my accomodation and food....if not,sure will be way beyond my parent's budget d.If I go Auckland,I'm not pressured to work,because even if I don't work,it's within budget.Of course,I'll still try to work to help my parents....My bro will be going college starting next year...So,it's important that I help my parents reduce their cost on me as much as I can....I cannot guarantee that I can cope working and studying at the same time.Apart from that,if I get AUT, I can do physio direct d....no rat race......So.....It's a much safer game if I go AUT.If in Auckland,I work to help my parents reduce cost while if in Adelaide,I'm working to......survive.....It's a 2 different thing altogether.
So.....Please!!!!AUT!!!!Give me an offer soon!!!Give me a place!!!!(by right,getting a place shouldn't be an issue as I've met the TER requirement and have hand in my medical check up report)

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