Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Expensive taste

Just came back from dinner with family,and we got a heart attack during dinner.....except for my sister.She ordered 'bihun soup'....

Looks like a normal common dish right?For your info,it was RM18!!!!

The rest of us ordered 'dry hokkien mee'(if you didn't know there is 'dry hokkien mee' in Penang, now you know.... a stall near my house sells it)

It was just RM2.50......and it was good!!

What my sis ordered was approximately 7 plates of 'dry hokkien mee'......It was sooo expensive because she ordered ho liao....2 giant prawns + some fish + and a few bird eggs.

Gila right?I hope she had learnt her lesson and know her limits next time.We weren't angry at her, but when we heard the price,our heart skipped a beat and our ears nearly dropped=)

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