Sunday, January 25, 2009

A quiet CNY

Sigh.My cousin studying in Indonesia is not back to celebrate CNY with us,nor is my nephews in Singapore.Sad.Especially for my cousin,I don't think I'll see him again year?2 years time?Well for my nephews,it's not too bad...because I'm going down to Singapore next week...LUCKILY.....So I'll still get to see them before going overseas.But without them,I'm sure this CNY will be a very quiet 1......Every year,we look forward to see each other during this festival,but this year is the 1st time they didn't come back.Ah!!!!Well,it's long as there's still ang pau right? Hahahaha.......I'm still looking forward for this CNY beacuse next week,I'll be having a little 'reunion' with my primary friends in Singapore....Gosh...can't wait to see them.For some of them,I've not seen them since year 2001.I'm sure there'll be a lot of catching up to do when we meet!=)For now,BRING ON THE ANG PAUS!!!!=)=)


  1. hey, din know u had a blog...haha...anyway,nice blog u have there..keep it up..and oh ya, happy chinese new year..hope you'll have loads n loads of angpows ya...hehe!!