Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sorry Mr Lizard,I didn't mean to kill you.May you R.I.P.=)

I was driving on the way to my brother's friend's house to drop him there when suddenly,a monitor lizard out in the blue crossed the road. At that time,I was driving quite fast as it is a fast lane(the slope up to Inti college and Equatorial Hotel) and....that spot when it came out was very dark ( that spot has no lamp post).All I could do was grab my heart,scream......I rammed into it.Me and my bro could practically feel the car going over it like over a bump.Gosh.After dropping my bro,I went back home using the same road and I saw it lying there.Definitely dead.I wasn't brave enough to stop my car and took a photo of it for this blog...hahaha...that's insane!Could see that it was quite a big fat lizard.Wasn't a baby one.As I'm blogging now,I feel a little guilty and sorry for that lizard but,there was nothing I could do.


  1. lol..."sorry Mr. Lizard,i didn't meant to kill you,May u R.I.P=)"lol!!!!sooo funny la...haha...but i pity it...u murdered the lizard!!!lol,jkjk

  2. ops... cruel.. haha.. no la.. it was just a accident la.. don't think so much. XD